QI host: C of E progress on same-sex marriage will be ‘glacial’

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QI host Sandi Toksvig posted after meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury that the Church of England’s progress on same-sex marriage would be ‘glacial’. Apparently, the C of E’s Justin Welby forgot that glaciers are melting.

The QI host‘s meeting with the Archbishop followed comments he made about same-sex relationships last year. Justin Welby described marriage at the time as “between a man and a woman.” He added that it was “not in doubt” that same-sex relationships are “incompatible with scripture.”

Sandi Toksvig penned an open letter stating Welby had made “a horrible mistake.”

However, the pair met last week over a cup of tea.

“Yesterday I went to have coffee – well, tea, actually – with the Archbishop of Canterbury. Not a sentence I thought would ever come out of my mouth.

“We had agreed to such an unusual meeting following my public expression of distress last year when Justin, the Archbishop, reaffirmed the validity of a 1998 declaration by the church that gay sex is a sin. Given the state of the world, I felt that all the many bishops might have better things to talk about.

“Anyway, from our very calm and considered conversation yesterday, it is very clear that the state Church of England and the society it purports to represent are not remotely in step.”

Justin Welby: any progress in the C of E will be glacial

“Justin was keen for me to see that they are moving forward, but conceded that any progress, as I would see it, if it happens at all, will be glacial.

“It was very clear that opposing factions of the worldwide Anglican Communion are being in part, held together at the expense of the human rights of the LGBT+ community. It’s not OK. And I said so.”

Come out for love

“I asked Justin if he could just come out. I don’t mean make a surprise announcement about his sexuality, but come out as a gay ally. Basically, to come out for love…

“I hope that will happen, but I do not intend to wait upon the Church.”

Sandi Toksvig said she would now reach out to the LGBT+ community and allies to see what can be done.

“The present position is untenable. In the meantime, please, let’s all come out for love.”

A Lambeth Palace spokesperson described Justin Welby as grateful that Sandi Toksvig visited Lambeth Palace for tea and

“It was a private, friendly and honest conversation.

“Their conversation included the recent proposal by Church of England bishops to welcome same-sex couples with prayers of dedication, thanksgiving and for God’s blessing in church – a proposal the Archbishop fully supports. As he acknowledged last week, the Archbishop said that while this proposal goes too far for some people, it does not go far enough for others. But it reflects the diversity of views in the church at this time and will be debated at General Synod in early February.

“The Archbishop will continue to listen, learn and engage in conversations like the one he had with Sandi.”

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