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Aged Care System Navigator
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Towards the end of January, I read with some joy the article on the catch up between Bill Rutkin and Sister Angela Mary Doyle. It reminded me how our past informs our present, particularly in reference to QC’s Aged Care System Navigator program.

Rebecca Reynolds is Chief Executive Officer of The Queensland Council for LGBTI Health — QC.

That earlier work and the values fundamental to the foundation of QC lives on. Especially for me, the values of which Bill and Sister Angela Mary Doyle both spoke, are crucial to the provision of services during times of oppression, frustration, discrimination and violence. Those words affirm how QC continues to see its role today.

We have and hold an obligation to treat our communities with dignity. To safeguard, promote and acknowledge their capacity. Also, to make space in each and every way for folk to determine their own paths through their worlds, free from those things that were part of our inception story, and remain a part of our experience today.

Systemic oppression, collective frustration, public and institutional discrimination and daily acts of physical, social and emotional violence.

How those things happen today is real. For those who endured this time and time again for some 50 years or more, it’s also so very exhausting.

And that carries through to our current day. It remains our responsibility to our communities to ensure that people are fully aware of their rights, the choices that are available to them, and to ensure that we are giving folk the best information that will be the key to empowering them to live their best life.

Aged Care System Navigator (ACSN) program

One example of how we do that is our Aged Care System Navigator program in Cairns.

We believe that celebrating your own culture and identity should be life-long. Our QC Team Navigator is there to support you to seek aged care services that respect your culture and identity and enable you to continue to be yourself.

Because being your true self is one of the healthiest things you can do. 

And let’s be real. It’s been a lifelong journey and one in which sometimes small victories have been hard-fought.

Through the same principles that QC (or however you know it) came into being, we know that a service that is led by a member of our communities, for a member of our communities, is far and away, the best approach to bypassing the impacts of discrimination.

We can be there to support you in some of the tougher conversations. Whatever those may look like for you. And we can assist you to take control of the services that you need. We work alongside you to navigate and understand the systems available in your local area so that you can live your best life.

The ACSN for our communities in the Far North of the state is just one way in which QC continues to live by the values and achieve the goals for which it was intended all of those years ago.  To find out more about us, visit qc.org.au or for the specific program QC’s LGBTI Aged Care System Navigator Trial.

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Rebecca Reynolds
Rebecca Reynolds

Rebecca Reynolds is the Chief Executive Officer of the Queensland Council for LGBTI Health (QC) E: rreynolds@qc.org.au

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