Qatar ministry protects citizens from multi-coloured toys

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The Qatar Ministry of Commerce and Industry last week confiscated a range of multi-coloured toys they claimed contravened Islamic values. The seizure comes despite the authoritarian emirate stating everyone is welcome at next year’s World Cup. In November, the country also seemed to indicate it would allow rainbow flags at the event.

However, the Qatar Ministry of Commerce and Industry apparently didn’t get that memo. The ministry described the toys as “bearing slogans that go against Islamic values.”

That despite neither the toys nor packaging bearing visible slogans. Presumably, by slogans, the ministry means a subliminal anti-Islamic message conveyed via bright primary colours.

Admittedly, three of the nineteen toys in the display are the same colours as the rainbow flag, and in the same order. Another three bear a strong resemblance. Sort of like when someone can’t find actual Pride rainbow-coloured fabric and buys some bright stripy material.

The ministry issued a tweet boasting of their triumph over the insurgent colours. Local sycophants immediately went on alert for other incursions, unearthing rainbow-flavoured powdered milk and suspicious-looking stuffed toys.

Even this must be withdrawn from the market

I hope the law is strict for everyone

Criticism of the Qatar Ministry of Commerce & Industry

However, some Qataris took the ministry to task for their ridiculous action.

One tweet suggested, “If the rainbow comes out after the rain, blow the sky with a bazooka for Islamic values.”

Another noted that banning LGBTQ-related colours would leave Qataris naked.

“Withdrawing a product bearing the colours of the rainbow and issuing a violation is illogical. The LGBTQ community has more than 21 official flags and each flag differs in its colours and shapes. If we withdraw all their colours, we will not find even clothes to wear!”

On a serious note, another tweet raised a more worthwhile issue the bureaucrats might address. Doing something about unsanitary markets and ensuring migrant workers could obtain healthy foodstuffs priced within their means. An estimated 6500 migrant workers have died during the construction of World Cup stadiums.



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