Qantas CEO Alan Joyce Donates $1 Million To ‘Yes’ Campaign

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has donated $1 million to the ‘Yes’ campaign cause for marriage equality in Australia.

That amounts to 4% of his latest annual income, reportedly $25 million last year alone, including salary and bonuses.


To put that in perspective, the average adult wage is $61,420.40, 4% of which would equate to a $2450 donation.

Nonetheless, it is what Mr Joyce (pictured) himself rightly terms a “significant” cash donation, the largest individual contribution to the ‘Yes’ campaign so far.

True to his word, Mr Joyce announced his intentions to personally back the ‘Yes’ campaign last month.

“I am proud of the fact I’m an Australian citizen. Where else in the world would an openly gay Irish man become the CEO of one of the biggest brands and most iconic brands?

“I will personally donate a significant amount of money to the campaign because I am passionate about it.

“I will spend as much time as the campaign wants me to speak about this.”

Mr Joyce also urged others to do the same.

“There are 1300 companies that have published their logo to support marriage equality including all the banks, all the airlines and I believe that those companies should go out there and support it,” he said.

“They have given their logos and support to that campaign before and I have no doubt a large element of the business community will be out there supporting this campaign.”

Mr Joyce has been been under attack for using Qantas to push for change. Earlier this year he had a pie pushed into his face in an apparent protest at the support for same-sex marriage by Qantas.

Other business leaders have come out to support same-sex marriage, including Australia’s richest man Anthony Pratt and AGL Energy chief executive Andy Vesey.

Major corporations such as Telstra, Optus, ANZ and Holden confirmed to News Corp last month that while they publicly backed same-sex marriage, they would not be actively campaigning ahead of the postal survey or providing financial support to either side.