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Like all murderous tyrants, Vladimir Putin excels at bullshit. However, his latest foray into alternative reality builds on a base built by the west’s own great liars — the culture warriors who regard every step towards increased human rights as retrograde. These troglodytes relentlessly blame the LGBTIQ+ communities for cancel culture and book-burning. However, historically and now, cancel culture impacts the LGBTIQ+ communities perhaps more than anyone else.  And it’s our books that are burned.

Putin complained on Friday, “Today they are trying to cancel a thousand-year-old country.

“I am talking about the progressive discrimination against everything connected with Russia, about this trend that is unfolding in a number of Western states, with the full connivance and sometimes with the encouragement of Western elites.

“The proverbial ‘cancel culture’ has become a cancellation of culture.”

Yeah right.

Number one President SFB, no one is trying to cancel Russian culture. Countries and people are using the few tools they have to bring to heel a murderous dictator.

You, Putin — a man who retains your wealth and power by murdering opposition politicians, dissidents and independent journalists. A man with a nuclear arsenal at your fingertips. A man who f_cking no one doubts would use those weapons to preserve his own entitlement.

Tchaikovsky and Don’t Say GAY

Putin then complained about the exclusion of Russian composers from concerts and the banning of books by Russian authors. Some Russian artists have lost gigs in the west recently. However, not because they were Russian. But because of their refusal to repudiate the illegal invasion of Ukraine or their personal links to Putin. A Welsh orchestra also dropped music by Tchaikovsky from a concert because a member has close relatives in Ukraine.

But speaking of Tchaikovsky and cancel culture — in Russia — because of Putin’s own legislated cancel culture — students will never learn one very important fact about the celebrated composer. That he was gay. Because Putin’s ‘gay propaganda law’ disallows any mention of anything which might ‘normalise’ homosexuality.

But he’s not alone in that. Just think Florida’s recent ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.

Across the west, mini-Putin’s regularly attempt to erase LGBTIQ+ identity and visibility. Whether protesting drag queen storytime, removing books from libraries or attempting to ban discussion of gender issues in classrooms, they never give up.

‘Leuyd doers of that foule synne’

It started a long time ago. Indeed, for centuries, bigots managed to cancel even the mention of anything LGBTIQ+ related.

In 1196, The Revelations of the Monk of Evesham got the ball rolling when it described gay men as  ‘leuyd doers of that foule synne the which oughte not be namyd’.

The English buggery laws raged against the ‘detestable, and abominable sin, amongst Christians not to be named’. That language carried over to British dominions. In Australia, men like Francis Wilkinson in 1796 were charged with ‘that most horrid detestable and sodomitic crime (among Christians not to be named)’.

So don’t tell us about cancel culture. It’s ingrained in our collective memory. Lord Alfred Douglas, no doubt with much assistance from Oscar Wilde, later tweaked the phrase to ‘the love that dare not speak its name’.


Tsar Vladimir then moved on to book-burning.

“The last time such a mass campaign to destroy unwanted literature was carried out was by the Nazis in Germany almost 90 years ago… books were burned right on the squares.”

What the actual f_ck!

The first major Nazi book-burning occurred on May 6, 1933. German students attacked Dr Magnus Hirschfeld’s Berlin Institute of Sex Research. The renowned gay Jewish scholar and activist’s library contained about 20,000 books and journals. Among them, unique works on intersexuality, homosexuality, and transgender topics. The students, in their zeal to destroy anything non-compliant with Nazi ideology, burned one of the greatest collections of LGBTIQ+ works ever assembled.

That’s the books burned right on the squares.

The junior Nazis also probably killed Dora Richter that night, the first transgender woman known to have undergone sex reassignment surgery. She was recovering at the institute and never seen again, presumed murdered during the attack.

JK Rowling

Finally, Putin sought out an ally.

“Not so long ago children’s author JK Rowling was cancelled because she, a writer of books that have sold millions of copies around the world, didn’t please fans of so-called gender freedoms.”

Jesus H. Potter.

Rowling is a billionaire. She continues to earn squillions from books, movies, toys and myriad other merchandise. She earns a little less than she might because of protests about her unrelenting attacks on a small marginalised minority she seems unhealthily fixated on.

JK Rowling is not cancelled in any effective manner. She’s still selling stuff and still buying stuff and certainly could afford to purchase some of those expensive superyachts suddenly available at heavily discounted prices.

Rowling, of course, quickly disassociated herself from her new best friend.

But hey Honey, as Lord Voldemort may or may not have said, “If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”

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