Putin: LGBT Propaganda 2.0 now with 100% more hate

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Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin, reeling from his so-far disastrous invasion of Ukraine, has pulled the old ‘look over there’ manoeuvre. In November, the Russian Duma passed LGBT Propaganda 2.0, an expansion of the 2013 legislation banning ‘promotion’ of homosexuality.

Putin’s 2013 law prohibited mention of same-sex relationships around children. The 2022 bill expands those regulations to encompass people of all ages. Human Rights activists say the bill effectively bans any mention of same-sex relationships. Indeed, Russian bookstores began removing books about LGBT people from their shelves after the passage of the bill.

The Kremlin instigators of LGBT Propaganda 2.0 notably failed to specify exactly what constitutes LGBT Propaganda. That gifts authorities broad latitude to harass the few remaining LGBTIQA+ organisations left in the country.

Look over there

Using the demonisation of LGBTIQA+ people to distract from his political problems is classic Putin. And it has become a popular tactic among bigots worldwide as LGBTIQA+ rights are wound back by stealth.

Fearing the wrath of voters if they re-criminalise homosexuality, right-wing politicians instead eat away at existing rights and attempt to erase LGBTIQA+ people from the public space.

Witness Indonesia where the government last week banned gay sex by stealth. A new criminal code made sex between unmarried people a criminal offence. As same-sex couples cannot marry in the Muslim-majority country, the law effectively criminalises both gay and lesbian sex.

Of course, the usual suspects claim ‘oh, it won’t really effect anyone’. Mmm, right. A bit like FIFA gushing that Qatar would extend a warm welcome to everyone attending the World Cup and even allow rainbow flags. But what did FIFA do when Qatar predictably did not? FIFA blamed the people who complained!

Then there’s Florida’s Don’t Say Gay law introduced by a lawmaker who recently resigned after a federal indictment for fraud. Surprised much? Nah.


In Australia, Opposition Leader Peter Dutton recently claimed same-sex marriage enjoyed ‘universal acceptance’ in the country.

“I think it demonstrated a legitimacy and a tolerance. And I think it’s been borne out since because there’s been no quarter of society that’s argued for an undoing of the legislation – really just a universal acceptance.”

Arrant nonsense. Anti-same-sex marriage campaigners began their resistance against the electorate’s decision immediately after their loss. Most notably in the form of the proposed religious discrimination bill.

And Australian politicians are not averse to distracting the populace by the demonisation of the LGBTIQA+ communities. Witness the former PM’s ‘look over there’ effort to distract from his government’s disastrous record by anointing a transphobe as a Liberal candidate in the 2022 federal election.

Those politicians embolden haters to protest Drag Queen Storytime events and agitate for the removal of LGBTIQA+ books from libraries.  Their intent — to deny LGBTIQA+ people a place in public space. That’s why they constantly whinge about LGBTIQA+ characters on television and in movies. Also why they infer sexual assault by claiming they ‘are sick of the rainbow cult shoving its agenda down people’s throats’.

The consequences for LGBTIQA+ people worldwide will be real.

A 2021 survey by the Russian LGBT Network found that 78% of respondents reported facing violence or discrimination in connection to their gender identity and/or sexual orientation.

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