PSA: Emma Thompson and Hannah Gadsby went day-drinking

emma thompson hannah gadsby
Photo: YouTube/Netflix

Two of your all-time faves – Emma Thompson and Hannah Gadsby – have been photographed dancing home after some recent lunchtime rosés.

UK newspaper The Mail on Sunday published the paparazzi photos of the pair leaving a recent lunch date dancing down the street.

But in the article, global megastar Hannah Gadsby was rudely described as “a friend”.

Did nobody at the Daily Mail recognize her? Really?

The newspaper quoted an onlooker at the north London tavern who said Emma was “putting her heart and soul into the dance moves” when she left the premises.

“They were drinking rosé for a couple of hours on a lovely Sunday and were very merry,” the newspaper said.

“But when Emma got outside, she just went into the robot dance… and she was certainly more natural than Theresa May!”

How Hannah Gadsby and Emma Thompson met

Hannah Gadsby explained last July how she and Emma met. She told talk show host Jimmy Fallon it was after one of her Nanette shows.

She explained she typically didn’t meet anyone after the show, but for Emma had to make an exception.

“My tech came out and said, ‘Look, I know you don’t meet people, but Emma Thompson’s here, so you don’t have a choice,’” Hannah said.

“‘This is for me. If you don’t meet her tonight, you won’t have light tomorrow night.’”

She said Emma that the two ended up sharing a deep, teary embrace.

“I don’t know what she was crying about, [Nanette] is my life,” Gadsby quipped, after which the pair exchanged phone numbers.

But the next day, Gadsby recalled, “I was in the middle of texting someone else… I was keen to send a friend a photo of Chuck Norris.

“[Emma] sent me a text, saying ‘That was an amazing show, it took me all night to process it. It’s changed my view of the world.’

“And I accidentally sent her a photo of Chuck Norris, wearing double denim and [holding guns].”

Last month, Gadsby announced she will bring her new stand-up show Douglas to Brisbane in January.

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