Proudly homophobic Bolsonaro attempts bigoted distraction

proudly homophobic bolsonaro

Brazil’s president resorted to Trumpian name-calling Thursday to avoid answering difficult questions. The proudly homophobic Bolsonaro attempted to divert attention from a corruption scandal by accusing a journalist of homosexuality.

Following questions about raids conducted on addresses connected to his family, President Bolsonaro attacked the reporter.

“You look terribly like a homosexual.”

The raids resulted from a money-laundering scandal involving the president’s son. Flávio Blosonaro stands accused of previously running a corruption racket with links to Rio de Janeiro’s mafia gangs.

One of the junior Bolsonaro’s alleged co-conspirators remains a fugitive. Police allege Adriano da Nóbrega, a former special forces police operative, ran a gang of contract killers. That gang stands accused of the assassination of politician Marielle Franco. Flávio Blosonaro employed both Nóbrega’s wife and mother in his office. Additionally, the wife is allegedly a key player in the money-laundering scheme.

Marielle Franco

Black, bisexual and a child of Rio’s slums, Marielle Franco proved a formidable opponent to Brazil’s establishment power.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald described her as a “black, gay woman from the favela seeking not to join Brazil’s power structure, but to subvert it.”

Brazilian media reported in November that investigators also suspect Bolsonaro’s other son Carlos of involvement in the murder.

Proudly homophobic Bolsonaro

Bolsonaro told Playboy Magazine in 2011 that if he saw two guys holding hands in the street he would beat them up.

Since then he said, “I’d be incapable of loving a homosexual son. I’d rather he die in an accident.”

In video footage recorded last year, Bolsonaro said, “I’m homophobic yes, very proud.”

Brazilian politician Manuela Davila tweeted her response to the latest incident.

“Bolsonaro commits homophobia crime so that we forget about his son’s schemes. But we do not forget: he is homophobic and the son…”

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