Pregnant! Horse Syringe Gets Brisbane Lesbian Couple A Positive Result

A lesbian couple from Brisbane has circumvented the trials and tribulations of conventional IVF treatment – and the associated cost – with a little help from a horse syringe and a gay friend.

Jade Richards, 36, and her partner Ann Gard, 32, turned to the internet for tips and ideas before taking matters into their own hands and using a syringe intended for the insemination of horses.


On New Year’s Eve the couple received the news they had been waiting for – Jade was pregnant.

They collected sperm samples from their gay friend Jarrad Evans every month, which was deposited into the syringe before they retreated to the bedroom to proceed with their “do-it-yourself” fertility treatment.

“We went into it blindly because we didn’t know anyone else who had done it,” Jade told the Daily Mail.

“Turkey basters don’t work. Ann and I bought one at first but then Jarrad told us they don’t actually hold liquid so we used something you inseminate horses with – it is a syringe with a long tube attached to it.”

The couple are keen to repeat the process and have another child, again using Jarrad as their donor, but this time Ann will be the recipient.

They told the Daily Mail they are not concerned about a confusing or fractious relationship with the donor dad.

“He also agrees we are the parents, and make the decisions and will need our own time together – so I don’t see how it will be a problem,” Jade said.

(Top photo: Courtesy Jade Richards)

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