Pranksters Turn Bicycle Artwork Into Giant Penis

Giant Penis

Pranksters transformed bicycle artwork created on a hillside to mark the Tour of Britain into a giant penis.

Residents of Ilfracombe, Devon, United Kingdom got a rude awakening when they spotted the naughty artwork on the side of Capstone Hill. The bike, made out of cardboard and reclaimed plastic, was commissioned for a local environment initiative.

The bike was installed to draw attention to the work of Plastic Free North Devon, a community group that is campaigning to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics.


Project co-ordinator Seth Conway wrote on Twitter: “We build a cardboard bike on the hillside to promote #plasticfreenorthdevon and it gets a bit of attention. Someone turns it into a cock and it goes viral #worldgonemad but hey the vandal has sort of done us a favour!”

Conway said some people obviously thought it would be fun to rearrange the spokes and the wheels.

“It’s created quite a bit of a buzz and it’s shone a bit more attention on to what the bike was there for.”

The Tour of Britain, which started on September 2, will finish in central London on Sunday.