Popsicle’s crunchy nuts twisted by viral Golden Gaytime

golden gaytime

That glorious Aussie taste sensation the Golden Gaytime has gone viral again. But not because anyone wants to change the name on this occasion. Nah! This time, it’s because poor deprived citizens of less tastebud-delighted nations have discovered the Wonder from Down Under.

To add to the excitement, someone tweeted an old Streets advertising poster and asked commenters to make a selection. While it’s allegedly hard to have a Gaytime on your own, the Golden Gaytime came a clear first. 💦

But, of course, in this wide southern land, there’s always got to be a fly in the ice cream. A few sad popsicles felt the need to have a whinge.

“If only they could rename that in which it doesn’t make me sound like I’m homosexual,” sobbed one. Oh, you poor paddle pop. You don’t sound homosexual. No one who spoke in such clumsily constructed sentences could ever sound homosexual. You wouldn’t sound homosexual with a Golden Gaytime tickling your tonsils.

“Back when gay meant happy” 😭

“A Golden Gaytime back when gay meant happy,” blubbered another soft serve.

This gets boring. But we’ll keep repeating it. The word gay was used to describe homosexuals before anyone now alive was born. Originally used to describe female sex workers hundreds of years ago, the word was embraced first by male sex workers and then by gays in general. Already, in my long-ago youth, your cherished word was virtually obsolete, except to describe gays. It turned up occasionally in poetry or song lyrics. Because no one wanted to always rhyme happy with crappy or yappy.

Anyway, it’s not as though licking a Golden Gaytime will make you want to smear melting ice cream all over your naked mates and slurp it off their rigid Magnums. Or will it? Pictures, or it never happened. (Send images to itsthetricklethattickles@crunchynutorgies.com)

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