Political Posting Mumma apologises for ‘sick and twisted’ comments

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Conservative activist Marijke Rancie – known on Facebook as the “Political Posting Mumma” – issued an apology to an LGBTIQ advocate who sued her for defamation.

Rancie posts material to her Facebook page railing against same-sex marriage, transgender rights and LGBTIQ-inclusive education.

In December 2017, Rancie targeted queer youth organisation Minus18 and their event producer at the time, Adele Moleta. Also known as Delsi Cat, Moleta also organises queer party event “Unicorns”.

In the post, Rancie shared photos of Moleta from her Facebook page, Buzzfeed reported. One photo was a personal profile picture of Moleta wearing a mesh shirt with a nipple visible.

Another showed her sitting in front of a crowd of people as somebody wearing a leotard and tights performed in the foreground.

In the post, Rancie named Moleta as an organiser of events for Minus18 promoted in Victorian high schools.

“High school kiddies welcome. Gone are the days of the police supervised blue light discos. Welcome to 2017! This is how we roll now. Like soooo progressive,” Rancie wrote.

“Hold on to your hats this is the start of a rabbit hole that is pretty sick and twisted to your average Australian family.”

Rancie continued, “Sorry for the nudity.

“This was her Facebook profile picture. She’s obviously comfortable with it. I’m not.”

Rancie ended the post with the hashtag “#handsoffourkidssexualactivists”.

Moleta sued Rancie for defamation in December.

She alleged the post and comments defamed her by suggesting she is “a sick and twisted person.”

Further, it said she “organises events for high school-aged children at which she engages in and condones sexually suggestive conduct while nude or semi-nude.”

Moleta alleged the comments on Rancie’s post defamed her by suggesting she is a paedophile who grooms high school-aged children.

Agreement reached in defamation lawsuit this week

Now, Buzzfeed reports the lawsuit was dismissed this week with agreement on both sides following mediation.

In the post on Facebook, Rancie “sincerely and unreservedly” apologised for the posts and comments on her page written by her and others.

“A number of these posts and comments included untrue and offensive material relating to Ms Moleta’s moral character,” she wrote.

“If my posts encouraged others to attack Ms Moleta, I regret this conduct and the damage caused.

“I sincerely and unreservedly apologise to Ms Moleta for any hurt, embarrassment or damage which the posts and comments have caused to her and to her personal and professional reputations.”

The post will stay pinned on top of the Political Posting Mumma Facebook page for 60 days.

Three weeks ago, Rancie declared in a video she would not back down over the lawsuit.

“These days, even calling it as you see it can land you in big trouble like landing in court,” she said.

“Guys, I’m no stranger to criticism. I’m pretty tough.

“I’ll continue to stand up. But this legal challenge is certainly new for me.”

Marijke Rancie featured prominently in ads for the “no” campaign during the same-sex marriage postal survey in 2017.

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