PM responds to Scott Morrison’s sermon at Margaret Court church

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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has delivered a scathing response to Scott Morrison’s “astonishing” anti-government sermon at Margaret Court’s church.

Scott Morrison addressed Court’s Victory Life Church in Perth on Sunday, as a guest of the WA tennis legend.

In the 50-minute sermon, former Prime Minister discussed mental illness, criticised so-called “identity politics” on the basis that everyone is “an individual, amazing creation of God” and joked about “safe spaces” which he said only exist “in communion and prayer”.

But Morrison raised eyebrows after telling the crowd to put their faith in God and warned “trusting” institutions like government is a “mistake”.

“God’s kingdom will come. It’s in his hands, we trust in Him,” he said.

“We don’t trust in governments. We don’t trust in the United Nations. Thank goodness.

“We don’t trust in all these things, fine as they may be and as important as the role that they play.

“Believe me, I’ve worked in it and they are important.

“But as someone who’s been in it, if you are putting your faith in those things as I put my faith in the Lord, you’re making a mistake.

“They are earthly, they are fallible. I’m so glad we have a bigger hope.”

Anthony Albanese says Scott Morrison sermon ‘astonishing’

But speaking to ABC Radio Melbourne on Thursday, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese wasn’t impressed.

“I just thought, wow,” Albanese said.

“This guy was the Prime Minister of Australia and had that great honour of leading the government.

“I find it astonishing that in what must have been, I guess, a moment of frankness, he’s said he doesn’t believe in government.

“It provides some explanation perhaps of why, in my view, he clearly didn’t lead a government that was worthy of the Australian people.

“I believe that government does play a role in people’s lives and our living standards.

“I say to young people all the time, get involved, because government will impact on the quality of your life.”

Albanese also took aim at “the idea that [Morrison’s] out there and pressing the United Nations button again.”

“I’ve spent two months since our election trying to repair our international relations,” he said.

“And that sort of nonsense, throwaway, conspiracy line about the United Nations I think isn’t worthy of someone who led Australia.”

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  1. Robert Gough
    21 July 2022

    Beware of Christians like Morrison who want Australia and The US to come theocratic states. The liberal party is full of these horrible type Christians and they need to be kept out of government.

  2. Ian Matthews
    21 July 2022

    yep i agree !!!

  3. Rob
    21 July 2022

    The people of Australia gave Morrison a CLEAR MANDATE:
    RELIGION & POLITICS DON’T MIX – Keep Religion out of Politics …….

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