Play School Looking For Two Dads

Aussie children’s TV institution Play School has put out a casting call for a child with two dads to feature in the show’s “Through the Windows” segment.

Play School executive producer Jan Stradling told The Guardian she’s really excited about the new “My Family, Your Family” segments, which are also set to feature also “an adopted family, an extended family, a blended family, an Indigenous nuclear family.”


“The idea is to reflect current Australian society by showing a range of family structures and backgrounds. In these stories, we explore the relationships and bonds of a family. We will look at how they care for one another and share experiences, roles and responsibilities,” she said.

“All of these factors are common aspects that promote a sense of belonging for a child regardless of family type. The focus of the ‘Through the Windows’ segments is always on the child and the favourite activities they love to do with their families, the emphasis being on spending time together.”

In 2004 the ABC famously aired a segment showing young Brenna Harding enjoying an outing with her two mums.

The program ignited a media and political firestorm that Stradling told The Guardian she now finds surprising, because the show never specifically highlighted same-sex parenting.

“In the ‘two mums’ episode broadcast in 2004, the parents were actually incidental to the story of a young child’s experience of a day at the fun park,” she said.

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