Philadelphia gender-affirming healthcare seekers protected

philadelphia gender-affirming healthcare

In the face of increasing US restrictions against trans people, the Mayor of Philadelphia signs an executive order to protect those seeking gender-affirming healthcare.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney signed the order on Tuesday. It forbids the city government from penalising people seeking gender-affirming healthcare.

The protection applies to both residents and those who travel to the city seeking gender-affirming healthcare.

Kenney’s office said in a statement that the order follows “an explosion of anti-transgender laws across the country.”

The statement described those laws as aiming “to deny transgender and gender diverse the right to live as their authentic selves.”

According to Kenney’s office, nearly 1.2 million LGBTQIA+ Americans moved because of anti-LGBTQIA+ bills. This includes 128,000 trans people. These bills significantly impact trans youth. An estimated 45.4% of trans youth now live in states where they can’t access gender-affirming healthcare. 

Celena Morrisson-McLean is the Executive Director of Philadelphia’s Office of LGBT Affairs.

“This is a huge day for Philadelphia, as the city publicly declares with this Executive Order that it will not use city resources for investigations relating to gender-affirming care.”

The announcement for the order reads, “The city of Philadelphia has a long-standing commitment to protecting all people’s right to privacy and bodily autonomy.

“Executive order No. 4-23 will ensure transgender and gender diverse are protected and cared for with equal rights.

“This Executive Order not only helps to ensure the safety of LGBTQIA+ adults, children and their families. It also publicly reaffirms Philadelphia’s ongoing effort to advance equality and support our diverse communities.”

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