Perth man jailed for luring and violently bashing two gay men

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A Western Australian court has sentenced Perth man Tyler Dean Borinelli to six and half years jail for his role in two violent assaults on gay men earlier this year.

Borinelli (pictured), who has been in custody since April, separately used gay app Scruff to lure two gay men to isolated construction sites in the suburb of Gosnells.

Borinelli and two others then ambushed and bashed both of the men.

One victim recalled being beaten with a baseball bat in the March 29 assault. The man feared he would die and spent four nights in hospital recovering.

“His bat was right behind his neck and then he took a good swing at me and hit me on the side of the head,” he recalled after the attack.

“After that it was just a succession of bang, bang, bang, bang.

“The first guy… when I saw him, he did say… ‘We’re going to teach you a lesson.’”

The man suffered a fractured jaw, broken skull and bleeding on the brain after the attack. He had to have multiple stitches and was unable to eat.

The court heard Borinelli earlier assaulted the first victim on March 22. After bashing him, Borinelli then stole the victim’s phone and other possessions.

The man faced multiple charges including counts of intent to harm and causing bodily harm.

Police also charged Borinelli with stealing, possession of cannabis and methylamphetamine.

He pleaded guilty to all charges.

Perth gay bashings were ‘premeditated thuggery’

Prosecutor Daniel Harrop told the court both bashings were hate crimes that deliberately targeted gay men, OUTInPerth reported.

Borinelli’s lawyer denied he deliberately targeted the gay men.

He argued Borinelli’s actions were fueled by his drug addiction and wanting to target pedophiles. Two women he knew suffered sexual abuse as children, the man’s lawyer told the court.

However on the app, Borinelli described himself as above legal age and the crimes he described did not involve gay men, the prosecutor said.

In her ruling, Perth District Court judge Julie Wager blasted Borinelli’s violent crimes as “premeditated thuggery”.

“This was not a misguided crusade. This was premeditated thuggery carried out against people who were placed in vulnerable positions,” she said.

“And [it] occurred when you determined these people were going to be isolated in such a way that they had no recourse and no safety.”

Two other men also charged over their involvement in the assaults have yet to appear in court.

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  1. Les
    26 November 2021

    That fellow who bashed those 2 ******* [QNews edit] was doing what the Australian government itself would be doing if it was God-fearing & righteous. Leviticus 20:13 states, “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”

    • Peter Turner
      27 November 2021

      It’s so funny people have no problems interpreting the Bible literally when it comes to supporting their narrow and hateful views. They, of course, fail to do so when it indicates anything in their own behaviour might be forbidden.

      Sort of like Israel Folau being covered in tattoos, eating pork and seafood.

    • Miles Pharaweigh
      28 November 2021

      Someone said things like this should be removed. I disagree. I think we all need to know what type of person is near our children. Les is a Sunday school teacher and scout leader probably, and is a fine reason for not allowing kids of any description near children.
      Les quoting Leviticus is always a howl to me since within the same nonsense are lessons about wearing red, mixing fabrics and other child abuse excusing twaddle.
      The gay community may not be terribly interested in this things rant, but we sure as fuck need to be aware that there are those type of creatures out there interfering in our lives and those of our kids.

  2. Peter Turner
    27 November 2021

    The above comment id highly offensive and should be removed. It incites further abuse and the murder of LGBTQI+ persons.

    Aside from that I vey much doubt that these three men had any religious affiliations.

    This was a hate crime through and through. It was premeditated and could easily have resulted in the death of these guys. In my humble opinion they should have been charged with attempted murder not assault and the penalty should have been more severe.

    This highlights the risk we all face when using these apps. Personally I always let someone know where I am going and when I expect to be home. I prefer to host at my house where I can see the guy behind a locked door before letting them in (and make sure they are alone and look like their profile picture). I would NEVER agree to meet in a secluded area but only in a public space like a coffee shop or bar.

    Despite all of these measures I have still found myself in uncomfortable situations. We all need to protect each other as much as we can and report any incidents on the apps.

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