Gay personal trainer’s blunt message to men begging to use his gym

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A Canadian gym owner has penned a blunt open letter replying to requests from gay men to open his gym to them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ryan Wolman (pictured), who runs Motus Training Studio in Toronto, took to Instagram to write the letter to “gay guys on hookup apps, the muscle bears on Facebook, the circuit boys on Insta.”

“We need to have a talk. Stop asking me if my gym is open. It’s not,” he wrote.

“Stop asking me if I will open it for you. I won’t. Yes, I know how much you just offered me per hour. No. I won’t let you in.

“Because it’s illegal, it’s irresponsible and quite frankly you need to stop.

“We’re all in a bit of shock right now. All. Of. Us. We need to stay home. The fact that you’re willing to risk your health, and the health of the people around you because you need ‘the gym’ so badly [is] truly concerning.

“I understand that anxiety and other mental health issues affect queer folk more. I understand the gym can be a sanctuary.”

However during the COVID-19 pandemic, he said, “you’re simply going to have to find other ways to channel that energy.”

“Usually I’m thrilled that you put so much effort in,” he said.

“Maybe this is a good time to consider why you’re willing to risk your health to go to a place designed to increase your health.

“Isn’t that a bit strange? Are you maybe addicted? If so are you addicted to fitness (which you can get outside or at home) or are you addicted to ‘The Gym’?”

‘Maybe it’s time for a detox’ during COVID-19 isolation

Wolman went on to say while isolated at home during the pandemic, people are still able to exercise.

“Yes, I know that home workouts don’t make you get the same gainz, but that’s how it is,” he wrote.

“But maybe it’s time to assess some of the negative here and do a bit of a detox. The gym is a place, it’s not your life.

“Right now a gym could lower the quality of your life, or even end it.

“So no, I don’t want you in my gym right now. I don’t care what you offer. It’s not good for me, it’s not good for your community, and it’s sure as hell not good for you.

“If you need help, ask for help. We’re in this together. #StayStrongStayHome.”


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Exercise is essential while in isolation

Last week, the federal government forced gyms to close to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. As a result, many people sought out other ways to exercise.

Many fitness centres and personal trainers are offering free online workouts you can stream at home, and others have also taken up exercising outdoors.

Outdoor training is now limited to a maximum of two people under the government’s guidelines.

However, health experts are urging Australians to continue exercising. It’s one of the few valid reasons for people to spend time outside during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But you must practise social distancing, keep up good hygiene practices, and wash your hands when you get home.

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