Pennsylvanian students walk out in support of bathroom ban

Perkiomen Valley School bathroom ban
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Hundreds of students at the Perkiomen Valley School District in Pennsylvania staged a walkout after their school board refused to institute a bathroom ban.  

Previously the school board debated a policy proposal that required transgender students to use the restroom corresponding with their biological sex. The proposed bathroom ban was unsuccessful.

Jordan Ott, one of the student organisers of the protest, told Fox and Friends First that “Kids were upset.” 

The policy proposal followed reports transgender students at the Perkiomen Valley School used bathrooms that aligned with their gender identity. Specifically, a report that a girl encountered someone in the bathroom who she thought may have been a boy. However, she says she isn’t sure.

1% of students transgender

Dr Barbara Russell, the school district’s Superintendent, said transgender students comprise approximately 1% of the high school’s total enrolment. 

She said the school already accommodated transgender students. It offered access to the nurse’s office bathroom, single-use facilities and in recent years, gender identity-aligned larger bathrooms. 

A proposal limiting bathroom usage to students based on their biological sex failed at the Monday meeting. Numerous members of the public shared their views on the policy. Some said allowing transgender students to use bathrooms aligned with their gender identity affected the rights of cisgender students. Some allegedly feel uncomfortable to use the bathroom at school. 

Dr Russell said no one raised any concerns with the school administration until the first week of school. 

She also said that bathrooms are not ‘co-ed’.

“Administration does not permit, nor has it been informed of, boys entering the girl’s room freely or vice versa.”

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