Peaceful protesters attacked by ‘Christian Lives Matter’ mob

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Police have arrested two men after over 500 Christian Lives Matter supporters ambushed 15 LGBTQIA+ protesters in Sydney’s Southwest last night.

While peacefully protesting an event hosted by One Nation leader Mark Latham, a small group of around 15 activists from the Community Action for Rainbow Rights (CARR) said that attackers punched and pelted them with glass bottles and rocks.

Latham had planned to speak on “religious freedom” and “parental rights” at the event at St Michael’s Church Hall.

Hundreds of violent ‘Christian Lives Matter’ mob reportedly descended upon protesters who were holding a peaceful demonstration on the footpath across the road.

Police called the Riot Squad to disperse the crowd, but before they arrived, police officers, protesters, and a camera man all sustained injuries.

Speaking with reporters, the LGBTQI+ protesters desribe the attack, detailing how the One Nation leader’s supporters “surrounded us, attempting to break through police line.”

They also said the crowd was made up of violent supporters who “punched us in the face, who grabbed women by the hair and smashed them to the ground, who threw glass bottles. We were in fear of our lives.”

“It was such an extreme situation,” they went on.

“They barely had a handle on it, they barely had enough people to maintain a line between us and them. These … people kept jumping in and throwing their fists at the top of our heads and stuff like that.”

Latham’s response

Police alerted Latham not to attend the event after the ambush escalated out of control.

The One Nation MP took to Twitter to blame the confrontation on the peaceful protesters:

Latham later went on to condemn the violence that occured, but insisted it was because protesters were “blocking roads”.

“I think blocking roads and access to churches is definitely wrong in that setting, people like myself, a politician running for elected office, should be allowed to make his speech without that kind of action” he said.

“They can protest on the footpath, but not blocking roads and actually blocking and denying access to the church.”

Incited violence

As CARR pointed out on Facebook, however, the attack was not in response to protesters “blocking roads”, but rather because counter-protesters planned the ambush prior.

The page also shared a video showing Christian Sukkar, one of the organizers of the attack, telling followers to violently remove the protesters.

“if you are going down to see the protesters there is only one way, that is to grab them and grab them by the hair…” Sukkar says in the clip.

“The real boys, the real motherf*cking G’s are going to go down their tomorrow and you’re going to shake them up… time to rise, time to stand.”

The attack marks an escalation of increasingly alarming demonstrations against LGBTQIA+ people by far-right groups, and the second instance of this in the past week alone.

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