Pauline Hanson calls for removal of trans children from parents

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One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has suggested supportive parents who believe their child may be transgender should have their “kids taken off them” in a new transphobic rant.

The federal Senator made the shocking claim during conservative YouTube program Pellowe Talk this week. The program’s panel was discussing the Queensland government’s passing of a bill to outlaw harmful sexuality and gender “conversion therapy” in the state.

Pauline Hanson, who’s from Queensland, said she doesn’t support the legislation and and wants it repealed.

Hanson also said young people should be prevented from accessing counselling on gender identity before the age of 18.

She claimed children were transitioning after simply “playing with dolls” and accused parents of “brainwashing” children as a form of sex selection.

“Confusing kids and going to the doctor and parents saying, ‘Look, my four-year-old, they really can’t identify, and we want to change their sex,’” she said.

“You are bloody idiots, how can a kid at four years old know if they want to be male or if they actually want to be a girl?

“There’s more to this and these parents need their heads read or the kids taken off them.

“They want to change their sex because the kid has gone and played with a doll.

“I remember my son at 12 or 18 months old, he loved having a doll beside him and I put the bloody doll in the cot beside him. Guess what? There’s nothing wrong with him.

“Kids have to be kids, let them find their own feet. Let them find their own sexual preference, who they are, as they go through puberty.

“Don’t try and brainwash them into your way of thinking because you’ve got a boy and you really wanted a girl.”

Pauline Hanson calls transgender issues ‘rubbish’ and refuses to learn

Pauline Hanson also told the program she’s “sick of all the letters” describing sexuality and gender.

“The Q is for queer, and I asked the question in parliament – well what is queer?” she said.

“I have no understanding, I’m sorry, I’m from the old school, I’m sick of all these letters. There are about 37 or 39 different categories.”

Last November, Hanson voted down a Senate motion calling on her and her colleagues to “commit to learning” about trans people and supporting their healthcare.

Hanson also dismissed issues affecting the intersex community, including forced medical interventions, as “rubbish”.

She declared in the Senate she didn’t understand gender issues and didn’t want to learn.

At the time, advocates slammed Hanson’s “no” vote as “disgraceful” and “shameful”.

“The Senate was faced with a simple question. Should transgender and gender diverse people be provided with essential health, social, cultural and community services?” Amnesty International’s Joel Clark said.

“[The senators that voted it down] didn’t speak on the motion. Just a ‘no’ vote.

“They must at least explain why they believe that transgender and gender diverse people don’t deserve these services. Healthcare is a basic human right.”

Pauline Hanson’s NSW colleague Mark Latham is also under fire for his anti-trans bill in his state’s parliament.

Latham wants teachers and counsellors banned from supporting gender diverse students at NSW schools, under penalty of sacking.

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