Paul Hogan On Our Lack Of Marriage Equality: ‘Isn’t That Stupid?’

Crocodile Dundee Paul hogan

Crocodile Dundee actor and Australian icon Paul Hogan has offered up his thoughts on Australia’s lack of marriage equality.

The 77-year-old actor and comedian was talking about the differences between Australia and the US, where he now lives, at the Tour de Cure Snow Ball charity event in Sydney last weekend, Fairfax Media reported.

And Hoges said he thought it was “stupid” that same-sex marriage was still not legal in Australia.

“There is an opinion that Australians are more tolerant and more open, but you don’t have gay marriage here yet, do you? Why not? Isn’t that stupid?” he said.

“If gay people want to get married, we shouldn’t vote on it,” he added, in an apparent rejection of the federal government’s proposed plebiscite on the issue.

“Just let them get married, for Christ’s sake.

“I don’t get it, ‘homophobia’, that means a fear, I am not frightened of gay people. I like them, I don’t want to marry one, but I certainly don’t think it’s up to me on whether they should get married or not, that’s up to them.

“Australians need to learn to mind their own business.”

The Tour de Cure charity raises funds for cancer research, support and prevention and since starting in 2007 has raised more than $30 million for the cause.

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