Patricia Quinn lashes out at ‘tasteless’ RuPaul’s Drag Race

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Rocky Horror actress Patricia Quinn wants it known she really, really hated that latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Contestant Aiden Zhane bombed the Snatch Game with his wonky impersonation of the actress, who played Magenta in the cult 1975 film. It ultimately got Zhane eliminated.

After the episode aired last weekend, Quinn gave a review on Facebook, saying she was “disgusted” by the performance.

Now in a lengthy statement, the actress has taken aim at not only Zhane but Drag Race itself, calling the show “tasteless”.

“I have been an actress since I came over on the boat from Northern Ireland to London nearly 60 years ago without a penny because I wanted to act,” Quinn begins.

“I have never been interested in drugs. With regards to my memory, I was recently applauded onstage for my sharp recollections of filming The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Quinn said she is “disgusted beyond belief” at her Drag Race portrayal.

“I was flattered that a young person wanted to portray me on a popular TV show,” she said.

“But unfortunately this is where the flattery ends.

“I did not respect being described as an ‘old cookie woman’ or depicted as a washed-up actress who has taken too many drugs.

“I’m actually filming a new movie later this year and look forward to that. There will be no drugs on set! Well not from me anyway!”

Patricia Quinn ‘found Drag Race tasteless’

Patricia Quinn said she wished Aiden had given her “the common courtesy of a heads up” before the performance.

“Maybe I could have given him a few lines etc, to say on the show,” Quinn wrote.

“I hope I’m not associated with this TV show again. From my portrayal to making fun of Katherine [sic] Hepburn’s neurological disorder I found the show tasteless.”

(During the Snatch Game challenge, disgraced contestant Sherry Pie satirised the screen legend.)

“I want to thank my Rocky Horror fans who have been amazing and shown overwhelming support. I couldn’t ask for a better fan base,” she wrote.

Quinn concluded, “I don’t know Aiden, but I do not wish him the upset or distress that I have felt in the past few days.”


RuPaul’s Drag Race is streaming in Australia on Stan, with new episodes every Saturday afternoon.

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