Out Olympian Gus Kenworthy Serenades His Boyfriend in Hawaii-min

Although we associate US Olympic freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy with the snow, it seems like his life is all about the sun lately.

The sportsmen’s Instagram has been saturated with shirtless selfies, beaches and landscapes of Hawaii where he’s currently holidaying with his actor boyfriend Matthew Wilkas.

He wrote on his Instagram: “Happy birthday to this handsome devil! So happy to have you in my life, Matt.

“You make me smile. You make me laugh. Thank you for playing games with me, for singing to me and for putting up with my attempt at singing in return. Thank you for always splitting two meals with me because I can’t decide which one I want. Thank you for buying two copies when you buy a book so we can read it together.

“Thank you for being you. I love you.”

Against TLC's advice, we DID go chasing waterfalls…

A photo posted by gus kenworthy (@guskenworthy) on


A photo posted by gus kenworthy (@guskenworthy) on

With no pole, tackle, or bait, Matt's just fishing for compliments… 🎣🏝☀️

A photo posted by gus kenworthy (@guskenworthy) on

Hawaii with my guy-ii! Stoked to be in Maui for the next 10 days! Any suggestions on what to do? 🌸🌺🏝

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The Olympic silver medalist came out on Twitter in October 2015, two years after he told his friends and family. He elaborated on the announcement in an interview with ESPN noting that hiding everything away was like constantly lying.

“I’m just at that point where I’m ready to kind of open up and let everyone see me for me, and I hope everyone accepts it,” he said at the time.

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