OTT: Kickboxer Jimmy Pikanet Sukyi judged too gay

Jimmy Pikanet Sukyi kickboxer
Image: Jimmy Pikanet Sukyi Instagram

The Asian Kickboxing Federation threatened to ban gay Thai competitor Jimmy Pikanet Sukyi from the SEA Games over a viral victory celebration deemed OTT – basically too gay!

During qualifying rounds held in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh Jimmy Pikanet Sukyi won a match against Vietnam’s Chi Than Bui Duay.

Curtsies and twirls

After the referee raised his arm in victory, Jimmy curtsied and performed his signature slow twirl. He then strutted across the floor, struck a pose and curtsied again before jumping out of the ring into the waiting arms of a fellow team member.

@jimmy.sukyik ขอบคุณช่องข่าวสด มากๆค้าบบบ ❤️‍♂️@ 23 #จิมมี่พิฆเนศ #seagame2023 #cambodia2023 #jimmykickboxing @ ♬ Fighters – OctaSounds

While the celebration proved popular on social media, the Asian Kickboxing Federation was unamused. They complained that Jimmy’s actions insulted his opponent, and then threatened to bar him from future rounds.

@conancracksport สนามมวยก็คือรันเวย์ #จิมมี่พิฆเนศ #นักมวย #kickboxing #seagame2023 ♬ original sound – Fino the Ranad

Jimmy said he did not intend to insult anyone. He was merely being himself.

“I was afraid if I would still be able to compete. Or even if I enter the competition, will I be able to score points?

“…I had no intention of disrespecting anyone, I was just being myself. After the match, I still went to pay my respects and hug the competitor.”

The Kickboxing Association of Thailand subsequently threatened to withdraw the entire Thai team from the SEA Games in support of the gay kickboxer.

The SEA Games agreed to allow Jimmy Pikanet Sukyi to compete conditional on him signing a letter of apology and promising not to repeat the flamboyant celebration ritual.

Jimmy went on to win the bronze medal in the 69 kg weight category at the Games.


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