Optus Newstead Is Proudly Flying The Rainbow Flag

optus newstead gasworks brisbane
Photo: Amsnel Gorgonio

It’s great to see the Rainbow Flag proudly adorning the uniforms of the staff at Optus Newstead down at Gasworks.

Chris Hamze at Optus Newstead has long supported the local LGBTIQ community, notably with the store’s long presence at Pride Fair Day in New Farm Park.

This year the store provided mobile phone charging stations at Fair Day and gave away free lollies – 60 kilos of them!

“The LGBTIQ community are such a vibrant presence in our area,” said Chris.

“They are not only our customers but also our friends and neighbours. We like to show our support and our pride in being accepted into Pride celebrations.”

QNews Magazine asked Chris about the new store uniforms which feature the Optus logo “Yes” emblazoned over a proud Rainbow Flag design.

“I wanted something that left no one in any doubt where we stand regarding the LGBTIQ community,” he said.

“With the discussion over whether businesses can refuse service to customers because of personal belief, we want everyone to know we will never ever discriminate. Rather we will celebrate our LGBTIQ customers.

“Just this weekend we had a newly married same-sex couple instore needing to change one of the names on their mobile contract because of their wedding vows. What a joy to be able to help.”

Chris told us the shirts are both for special dates on the LGBTIQ calendar and for everyday work wear.

“We wear them for events like Brisbane Pride, but we also wear them just when we feel like it. I wear mine a couple of days a week,” he said.

We asked Chris if his LGBTIQ customers had any special requirements, “Like everyone else they simply want the best possible value on their telecommunications needs.

“For couples of course, we recommend bundles because every extra item on a shared bill represents a saving.”

Say ‘yes’ to Optus Newstead today. They’re located in Gasworks Plaza at E4Eb/76 Skyring Terrace, Newstead. Give them a call on (07) 3216 0896.


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