It’s a timeless warning – always read the fine print.

Not doing so has proved a real problem for Michael Laurin and his wife Michelle Lacey, who were recently married in Arizona.


Inadvertently, the straight couple entered into a “same-sex marriage”.

It was not until the sun had set on the nuptials that they noticed a glaring error on their marriage licence – they were both listed as “grooms”.

The couple, in their early 60s, plan to live part-time in Arizona, but for now, Lacey lives in Canada.

She would like to move to the United States to be with her husband, but said their erroneous licence is delaying immigration proceedings.

It’s going to be a hassle dealing with immigration,” she said.

This really messes us up,” her husband added.

The document was signed by six people. In addition to the couple and their witnesses, two court officials signed off on it.

The couple must now pay a $319 court fee to amend the licence.

Court officials say each couple is responsible for the wording on their licence, choosing from “spouse”, “bride” or “groom”, and each is printed on-demand.

But despite the inconvenience, both “grooms” have been able to see the funny side.

We have laughed about it. I call her the cutest groom I’ve ever married,” Laurin said.

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