Accused OnlyFans star says sex video with Sydney boyfriend was consensual

brazilian instagram star Fabricio Da Silva Claudino
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A Brazilian tourist accused of filming sex with his then-boyfriend in Sydney and selling it on website OnlyFans has told a court the man consented to it.

The former flight attendant is facing image-based abuse charges – an offence commonly dubbed “revenge porn”.

Fabricio Da Silva Claudino (pictured) filmed the consensual sex with the ex-partner in his Marrickville home in 2019.

The 32-year-old Instagram star then uploaded the four-minute video to OnlyFans last July – allegedly without consent – and promoted it to 130,000 social media followers.

Fabricio Claudino da Silva originally pleaded guilty to all offences in June. However he told Sydney’s Central Local Court on Wednesday he wants to change his plea to not guilty.

He told the court he did upload the sex video to OnlyFans, but claimed it was done consensually, ABC News reported.

“I admit that I did film intimate images of [the alleged victim] and did distribute the intimate images,” he said.

“But I did so with [his] consent.”

He told the court this week he’d only pleaded guilty under “extreme duress” following legal advice given by then-solicitor Brett Galloway.

“He said, ‘If you continue to plead not guilty your case will be adjourned to December 2020 or maybe longer to set a new hearing date because of the COVID-19 pandemic’,” Mr Claudino da Silva said.

The Brazilian man told the court he felt a guilty plea would help him to return home sooner to care for his mother, who is battling cancer.

“I said, ‘I am the only financial support she has had since I was 18. She is my priority at the moment,'” he said.

“If this is the only way out of the situation, I agree to plead guilty.”

Court hears texts allegedly prove OnlyFans sex video was consensual

Fabricio Claudino da Silva’s new lawyer is attempting to retrieve text messages between his client and his now ex-boyfriend.

In the messages, the pair allegedly discuss the OnlyFans account.

“These messages would be in the period where the text messages have not been provided by [the alleged victim] or deliberately deleted by [the alleged victim],” Mr Claudino da Silva said.

“With [the alleged victim’s] consent, I posted on the website OnlyFans sexually explicit material of us.

“I did not show [his] face in any of the sexually explicit images that I posted on OnlyFans.”

Claudino da Silva said he also obtained verbal consent about uploading the video to the amateur porn site.

“He said, ‘If you post any of our sex videos make sure my face does not appear. I will see how it goes for you and how much money you make… I might join myself to make some money and get out of debt,'” Mr Claudino da Silva said.

Claudino da Silva is legally unable to work in Australia.

He said OnlyFans allowed him to earn money to fund his return to Brazil after the relationship broke down.

Ex-boyfriend claims the situation traumatised him

The alleged victim strongly denies ever consenting to the videos being made public. In July he told the court of the toll the alleged crime had taken on his life.

“My face became nothing more than a promotional tool. My tattoos, which I used to wear proudly, now feel like branding,” he said.

“I feel dirty … I lost my identity forever.”

Central Local Court Magistrate Clare Farnan said the court needed to hear from the original lawyer about the legal advice Mr Claudino da Silva received.

“Clearly there has been a lot of difference between the parties as to what happened,” she said.

Mr Claudino da Silva remains behind bars at Villawood Detention Centre and is seeking release.

The case returns to court next week.

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