One Nation’s Mark Latham Wants To Make Legal Recognition Harder For Transgender People

mark latham and pauline hanson one nation
Photo: Nine Network

New South Wales One Nation leader Mark Latham has said that if elected at the upcoming New South Wales state election he will introduce legislation to make it harder for transgender people to affirm their gender.

Latham said in a policy announcement this week that legislation banning “transgender self-identification” was needed because people were changing their gender daily as a “novelty” and students are “milking transgender identification for special treatment or attention-seeking reasons.”

“The 2016 Census revealed 1300 Australians identifying themselves as transgender, or 0.005 per cent of the population,” he said.

“Yet to listen to the Leftist hype about this issue, you would think there were 13 million.

“In reality, with very few exceptions, people are born either male or female.

“To move away from this biological truth later in life is a serious matter requiring specialist medical evidence.

“It should not happen because of Leftist ideology, individual whims or novelty factors.

“One Nation does not believe that gender changes should be self-identified on NSW Government forms, permits and licences, such as those processed by Service NSW: agencies including Roads and Maritime Services, Department of Fair Trading and Births Deaths and Marriages.”

But those New South Wales agencies already require extensive documentation for individuals to affirm their gender on official documentation, including certificates from multiple doctors and permission from a parent or guardian for children under 18.

LGBTIQ advocate and executive director Sally Rugg blasted Latham’s announcement, tweeting that the current process is already a “bureaucratic nightmare” for transgender people and Latham’s policy was a “moronic dog whistle”.

“Transgender people already require comprehensive medical documentation to apply for new documents, and extremely expensive surgery,” she said.

“Kids under 18 need parental permission on top of the above. I thought you were all about parents rights?

“Transgender people can’t just ‘self-identify’ on official forms and documents from departments you’ve listed. Legally changing gender is already a bureaucratic nightmare that can take months.”

Federal Labor MP Graham Perrett said Latham, who is a former Labor leader, is “an embarrassment” and was simply using “shock tactics” to try and win votes.

“He has nothing constructive to say about about Australian society,” Perrett told the Daily Mail.

“I’m one of the parliamentary convenors for LGBTI and we take matters like these very seriously.”

Last November, Latham announced he would return to politics, running for a seat in the New South Wales Upper House as state leader of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party.

Announcing his bid, Latham vowed to address local issues like infrastructure and electricity prices but also wage war against “political correctness” and “identity politics”.

In an opinion piece in 2017, Latham said marriage equality would unleash an LGBTIQ “reign of terror” and he feared people who did not “worship at the altar of homosexuality and gender fluidity” would be “run out of town”.

The comments got Latham a nomination for a GLORIA award, a light-hearted distinction bestowed on the most homophobic comments of the year.

Last year he was sacked as host of Sky News program Outsiders after he made insulting comments about another presenter and suggested a Sydney student who appeared in a video promoting feminism “looked gay”.

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