One Nation’s Mark Latham: never apologise, never explain

one nation's mark latham
Latham and Pauline Pantsdown

One Nation’s Mark Latham this morning tweeted “never apologise, never explain”, in apparent contradiction of his party founder’s mantra of “Please Explain.”

Latham included a link in his tweet to an article referencing his about-to-be-fingerprinted American muse Donald Trump.

Over the following few hours, he continued to post: Alphabet Ideology… (dribble, google Marjorie Taylor Greene, fart) weird Identity Politics Cult… woke, wokity, woke.

Something like that anyway but I don’t want to bore you.

A week after NSW MP Alex Greenwich called him a “disgusting human” and “extremely hateful and dangerous”, Latham replied with homophobic remarks referencing gay sex. Unsurprisingly, Latham attacked the Independent MP in terms last heard in 1980s schoolyards.

Politicians from a range of parties and commentators including Andrew Bolt condemned the slur.

One Nation Founder Pauline Hanson jumped in front of a camera to document her ‘disgust’. And we all know how she hates a camera. Hanson basically said ‘I Don’t Like It’ and ‘Please Explain!’

Speaking of which, Culture Warriors of all Ages, please give a big welcome back to the arena to the magnificent Pauline Pantsdown:

One Nation’s Mark Latham

Hanson told her followers that despite calls and text messages to him, she never heard back from Meltdown Mark. But, whatever she says, he remains One Nation’s Mark Latham and the leader of her party in NSW.

Alex Greenwich dismissed Hanson’s apparent outrage as “empty words”, considering the federal senator’s past form on LGBTQIA+ issues.

“Sure, she’s probably embarrassed by the content on what her state leader had said, but the actions she has taken has consistently been anti-LGBT in the Senate.

“This is a party which is based on attacking different minority groups one by one.”

Penny Sharpe

Meanwhile, NSW Minister for the Environment Penny Sharpe hinted at action by the new NSW government after all votes are counted from the recent state election.

“His behaviour over the last couple of days is unacceptable; there’s no place for it in New South Wales, there’s no place for it in New South Wales politics, no place for it in our community.

“He’s also currently not a member of parliament because he resigned from the parliament, and we won’t have the outcome of the upper house ballot.

“And let’s see what happens when they press the button on the upper house ballot on the 20th of April.”

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  1. Michael
    2 April 2023

    Remember folks, this was a Real Aussie bloke, who started his descent into Intolerance crusade. All began when it couldn’t find what was accepted as a normal pie or sausage roll from the closest bakery, somewhere one day! Yet enough people, have been found to applaud & support, His inalienable right, to be His own peculiar variety of Hate manufacturer, allegedly those on His unsightly side of the fence are rebuking Him just the same. Bolt & Pauline are just embarrassed by His Brazen crudeness!

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