One Nation Twitter sh-tfight. Oh, the shade!

Twitter sh!tfight one nation
Image: Charles Smith MLC Facebook

A great Twitter sh-tfight erupted this week between a former One Nation member of the West Australian Legislative Council and a former colleague. Parliamentarian Charles Smith quit the party over his “frustration” with the leadership. Smith regularly posts about ‘identity politics’ on social media, citing concerns about issues such as youthful drag queens, drag queen book readings and transgender issues.

The former candidate, Rod Caddies, currently works as a staffer for One Nation West Australian leader Colin Tincknell.


The now independent Smith responded rather vehemently after a comment on Twitter from Caddies.

The Twitter Sh-tfight

“You really are quite the bitter and twisted little man.”

“Eaten up with jealousy and rage because you were NOT elected … You are a disgrace and a liar.”

Smith then described Caddies as a “semi-literate goon.”

And then, the pièce de résistance.

“You really are the septic pustule on the anus of vulgar society.”

State party leader Tincknell responded on Facebook.

“He is child-like in the way he acts.

“Obviously he has got to blame someone … he likes to blame someone for his own shortcomings.

“He wanted to go his own way, well now he has the opportunity to do that.”

The West Australian branch of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation seems an unhappy bunch.


Of eight West Australians elected as state or federal parliamentarians as members of the party, five quit the party during their terms.

Identity Politics

Smith regularly posts about identity politics on social media, making specific mention in one post of “crazy fringe issues, toxic far-left identity politics, enforcing draconian speech codes…”

In one post, he bemoans an educational system that no longer teaches an obsolete language.

“A century ago, Australian school kids learnt Latin and Western classics.

“In today’s classrooms, students struggle with basic written English while being taught about gender fluidity and how evil Australia’s founders were.”

He shares posts from Miranda Devine and his ‘mate’ Mark Latham complaining about the ‘rainbow agenda’ and the like.

However, Mr Smith will be best remembered always for “the septic pustule on the anus of vulgar society.”

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