One Nation disendorses Brisbane candidate Rebecca Lloyd

rebecca Lloyd Fair Business Australia
Image: Fair Business Australia Facebook.

One Nation yesterday said it had disendorsed Rebecca Lloyd, the party’s candidate for the seat of Brisbane. Rebecca Lloyd runs a company called Fair Business Australia, described on its website as ‘an alliance of small business owners’.

More on Fair Business Australia later. Firstly, Join the Conversation.

Join the Conversation

Jonathan Sri, Greens Councillor for Brisbane’s Gabba ward, first brought Join the Conversation to public attention on April 9. He noticed sponsored Facebook posts from Join the Conversation attempting to ‘farm contacts and donations’  for the election campaign without the necessary authorisation.

Join the Conversation presents as a community page connecting people with minor candidates. However, it links solely to anti-vaccine mandate ‘freedom candidates’. The website is registered to Rebecca Lloyd and a company she runs called Fair Business Australia.

Following media inquiries, the donations page disappeared from the website.

Rebecca Lloyd and One Nation

Rebecca Lloyd consequently posted on the Fair Business Australia Facebook page asking for help from people who didn’t want to see her disendorsed.

“Folks. I need your help URGENTLY. Looks like I’m being disendorsed. Which means Brisbane will be thrown to the majors. If you don’t want that then you need to help me.”

In an accompanying video, she said she had refused requests, presumably from One Nation, to take down a video demanding retractions concerning media stories about the Join the Conversation page.

“And now if you go to search for me through any of the One Nation channels, you will not find me there.”

Later, a One Nation spokesperson confirmed Lloyd’s disendorsement to the Guardian.

“Her unwillingness to work with and follow direction from One Nation’s executive as part of this team has led to the regrettable, but unanimous, decision to disendorse Ms Lloyd as the party’s candidate for Brisbane.”

Fair Business Australia and the ‘Police Pack’

rebecca Lloyd fair business australia
Image: Fair Business Australia Facebook

The Rebecca Lloyd run Fair Business Australia website describes the company as ‘an alliance of small business owners’. The company’s Facebook page states “A FAIR Go For ALL Small Businesses. 100% of our directory profit goes straight back into local communities.”

QNews first noticed Fair Business Australia over the Christmas period when Rebecca Lloyd became involved in a social media dispute with another ‘freedom fighter’ outfit called De Cline.

De Cline describe themselves on their Facebook page as ‘FREE unLegal Consultants’

The dispute concerned Fair Business Australia’s ‘Police Pack’. According to the Fair Business Australia website, the ‘Police Pack’ reveals ‘How To Keep The Police & Vax Mandates At Bay – LEGALLY’.

The Fair Business Australia website lists the ‘Police Pack at a retail price of $97. But adds that it’s ‘Sold Out’.

However, purchasers of a Fair Business Australia business listing ($97 to $297) receive the pack as an added bonus to their directory listing.

But Rebecca Lloyd’s ‘Police Pack’ allegedly contained information lifted from the website of other ‘freedom fighters’. Information the other website provided free.

rebecca lloyd
Image: Facebook

Candidate Vetting

It seems One Nation devoted about as many resources to vetting Rebecca Lloyd as the Libs put into Katherine Deve.

But just like Katherine Deve, we sense we might hear a lot more about Rebecca Lloyd in the future.

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  1. Mark Whiting
    16 April 2022

    Well that’s another candidate I think we all should avoid in any case, firstly for ripping off other people’s works for starters and her so-called Anti-Vax Messages is another thing, and she has said nothing about GLBTQI+ Folk that live in that area.

    But then again, we already know what One Nation’s Views of the GLBTQI+ Community are, and they’re very negative at the best of times.

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