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On March 4 1932, the Sydney Arrow reported on the ‘queer semi-feminine men’ of the rapidly increasing Brisbane pervert population. It revealed that in the previous fortnight, two weddings took place between ‘painted men and primping lads’. Two weeks later, the paper exposed how the ‘painted men-dolls’ funded their lifestyles — as gigolos to ‘frisky old dames’.

The Sydney Arrow reported primarily on sport. However, a few pages at the front of each issue featured the most sensational and salacious stories the reporters could dig up. In 1931, it revealed the existence of Sydney’s Kamp Kult. In February 1932, the paper turned its attention to a new Sydney club formed by ‘young women adopting the queer outlook on life as seen through the eyes of the immortal Sappho’.

But in March 1932, the paper devoted its attention to the world of male Brisbane perverts.

The most wicked city in the Commonwealth

“The growth of the pervert population of Brisbane, beautiful capital of Queensland, is astounding. In the last year, hundreds of these queer semi-feminine men have made the city their headquarters.

“Occasionally they meet at queer, indecent, degrading ceremonies when perverted lusts come into full play…

“This in Brisbane, in the year 1932! It is almost unbelievable but true. Members have a common meeting place where they drink and disport themselves daily and nightly. It is a common sight to see two of the type, allegedly men, sitting at a table and holding hands…

“Brisbane by tolerating them is earning for itself the name of the most wicked city in the Commonwealth.”

Two weeks later, the paper exposed how Brisbane perverts afforded their decadent lifestyles.

Not the marrying kind

“A new cult has arisen in Brisbane — the cult of the old women who take around pretty boy escorts…

The paper described the boys as “not of the marrying kind.

“They don’t work, but always resplendently dressed… obviously gigolos.

“These girlish boys are always at home alongside a bottle of ‘fizz’ or on the dance floor, waltzing around with a fat and frowsy old lady whose social tonnage, avoirdupois, and bankroll are all equally weighty.

“While curious eyes follow them, flappers giggle, and strong men curse at the parody of their sex, Brisbane’s gigolos are oblivious.

“By day, brilliantly dressed fashioned plates. By nights, charming escorts, with slicked-down hair, lovely evening suits, and with the latest of highly-coloured handkerchiefs peeping shyly out of the breast pocket.”

Scented like girls — Some of them even corsetted

“Scented like girls. Some of them even corsetted. Not one of them doesn’t wear silken undies. It can be heard rustling as these gentle gigolos trip by.”

The reporter either possessed very keen hearing, a fevered imagination or spent the evening on his knees. Underwear can be many things but rarely noisy.

The Arrow intimated that the young homosexuals introduced their elderly sugar mummies to the delights of anal sex.

“These gay old flappers and their simpering boy escorts make love in a way that would have shocked even a roue of ancient decadent Rome.”

The old girls found, according to the Sydney Arrow, “curious pleasure in the ministrations of boys whose own sex is so inverted that the gods must have laughed when the queer compound was poured in.”

However, methinks this reporter had mastered the art of one-handed typing. He’s simply too excited by it all. And who could blame him? Indeed, it sounds like a f_cking good time was had by all.

Anyway, all this talk of gigolos gives me an excuse to include Marlene Deitrich singing ‘Just a Gigolo’ in the 1978 movie of the same name co-starring David Bowie.

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