Olympic Gold Medal couple defend Trans community

Image: Helen Richardson-Walsh/Instagram

Married Olympic gold medalists Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh discussed ‘aggressive’ attacks on the Trans community in an interview with Pink News.

The pair married in 2013. They then became the first same-sex couple to win Olympic gold at the Rio games in 2016. At the time of their win, Kate, captain of Great Britain’s women’s hockey team, spoke of her elation to win alongside her wife.


“It is really special. To win an Olympic medal is special, to win an Olympic medal with your wife standing next to you, taking the penalty in the pressure moments is so special. We will cherish this for the rest of our lives.”

Aggressive attacks on Trans community

Kate and Helen to Pink News after the recent controversy surrounding JK Rowling’s support of transphobia in a recent tweet. Kate characterised the recent public conversation as an ‘aggressive’ attack on the trans community.

“The trans community is being attacked left, right and centre at the moment… I don’t feel like there’s any room for healthy conversation, it’s really aggressive and it’s there to agitate.

“You should treat a person the way they want to be treated. Use the pronouns that they want to use. I think that’s really important.”

Further, she said people failed to talk to trans people themselves about the issue.

“There’s no sense of ‘I’m going to sit down and talk to some people, I’m going to talk to some trans men and trans women. I’m going to try and listen to their experience and try to understand where they’re coming from.'”

Kate and Helen said they felt ‘lucky’ as women in sport, identifying homophobia as mainly aimed at male athletes.

They said that despite lesbian sportspeople sometimes falling victim to homophobia, it generally remains more nuanced.

They also described their chosen sport of hockey as open and welcoming.

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