Ok folks, it’s time to television title your sex-life

television title your sex-life

Yes indeed. It’s time to describe your sex-life as a television title. The Yanks are doing it, and anything they can do, we can do better. So television title your sex-life and make it funny, goddammit.

Americans spent Christmas night giving their sex lives a television title. Well, at least they weren’t attending a Trump rally.


Eight is Enough immediately caught our attention, because we don’t think they mean kiddies.

Of course, there are some very obvious responses. Though we never mind reminders of Married With Children.

We particularly liked the young lady not content with one title. Stuck with Desperate Housewives for now, she nevertheless aspires to Sex in the City.

Someone suggested Fawlty Towers. We’d like to meet the American amused by that British comdey, but more importantly, what does an American eagle gif have to do with it?

We’d never heard of Bosom Buddies, but after looking at the gif, we’d watch it just for the hair.

Of course Monday Night Raw could mean anything – it might refer to vegetables, but could also reference meat, if you follow. If not, please just ignore us and we’ll sit quietly here in the corner.


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