Ok Australia, we need your drag storytime votes today

drag storytime votes

The two drag storytime ePetitions before the Brisbane City Council end today. And we are asking people all around Australia to give us their drag storytime votes today.

UPDATE: Voting closed on both petitions at 5 pm 31 January 2020.


The petition to keep drag storytime attracted 8,674 votes and the petition to ban it 7,094. 

QNews extends heartfelt thanks to everyone who signed the petition.

Until now, we asked that only Brisbane residents give us their drag storytime votes. We wanted to show Brisbane City Council the depth of local support for inclusion and diversity.

At 1 am this morning, the ePetition to keep drag storytime had 6,868 signatures, the overwhelming majority of those — residents of Brisbane.

The opposing ePetition, which erroneously describes drag storytime as adult entertainment, had 7,074 signatures. However, the vast majority of people who signed the latter petition do not reside in Brisbane. In its first days, 60% of signatures on the opposing ePetition came from outside Brisbane. Since then that percentage increased.

Thus far, we lead locally with the majority of Brisbane votes in favour of retaining drag storytime.

But now we’d also like to win the nationwide vote. We want to not only erase that 206 vote lead the opposing ePetition enjoys nationally but overtake it by a margin of thousands.

With your help, we can do this.

So Australia, it’s your turn to give us your drag storytime votes.

There are no other chances. The petition ends today.

So, please…

If you celebrate diversity and inclusion…

If you want to deny religious extremists this opportunity to drive LGBTIQ people from public space and refuse us equal participation in society…


And if you understand that Australian law treats all parents equally in how they rear their children and that one entitled group can not dictate how other people raise their kids…

Click here, sign the petition and give us your drag storytime votes today.

Where the ePetition asks for your ward, simply select ‘Outside Brisbane’. And don’t forget, you need to click on the verification link emailed you by Council for your vote to count. Thank you.

The opposing petition describes drag storytime as “controversial and divisive.”

Never forget, drag storytime only became “controversial and divisive” in Brisbane after religious extremists stormed a library in an unprecedented protest, chanting angrily and distressing small children.

We can not allow religious extremists to make LGBTIQ communities pay the price for their bad behaviour.

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