NZ Pastor Calling For Death To Gay People ‘Starting Church In Brisbane’

Warning: confronting content

A New Zealand pastor who has repeatedly called for the death penalty for gay people has said he’s moved to Brisbane to start a new church.

Logan Robertson founded Auckland’s independent Westcity Bible Baptist Church in 2014, which reportedly only has a congregation of 42 members.

Robertson was investigated by New Zealand police in August for a sermon in which he “unapologetically” called for gay people to be “shot in the head”.

Police said they treated the pastor’s numerous anti-gay tirades “very seriously” but dropped the investigation because Robertson had not committed any crime.

In a video posted to Facebook this week he said that he and his family had arrived in Brisbane on Monday.

“Me and my family have relocated to Brisbane to start this new church,” he said.

“The church in Auckland, I’m still going to be pastor there – it’s going to be a satellite church.”

Robertson said he was detained at Brisbane International Airport for nine hours on arrival.

He said the new Brisbane church would have its first service on November 19 and called for supportive prayers.

Robertson also recently suggested his country’s new Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern “get in the kitchen where women belong” and it was a “curse for a nation to have a woman ruling over them.”

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