Kaleido Health is NSW’s first dedicated LGBTQ+ health centre

‘Loads of drama’ in Dannii’s dating show I Kissed A Girl

No bail, no plea for alleged killer Beau Lamarre-Condon

Homeware king Troye Sivan’s bottomless ‘glory bowl’ roasted

Catch the Silver City Stiletto to the Broken Heel Festival

New South Wales

Latest LGBTIQ New South Wales news, current affairs, community issues, lifestyle and more
Qtopia Sydney has turned Taylor Square Substation into a cultural hub

Qtopia Sydney has transformed the Taylor Square substation

Sydney’s LGBTQIA+ museum Qtopia has given Taylor Square’s abandoned Substation a total makeover. Located across the road from Qtopia’s main building on Forbes Street, the partially underground space hasn’t been utilised for 30 years. But now, Qtopia has revitalised and reopened the Substation to the public as a new queer exhibition and live entertainment space. …

Westfield Bondi Junction

Vigil for the Bondi Junction Tragedy this Sunday

On Sunday, 21 April at 5.30pm, there will be a Community Candlelight Vigil at Bondi Beach in Dolphin Court on the South side of the Bondi Pavilion.   During the vigil, community members are invited to light candles and hold a minute’s silence to honour the victims and survivors in the wake of the Bondi …

Sydney gay sauna Bodyline retired after 30 years

New name as Sydney gay sauna Bodyline retired after 30 years

Long-running Sydney gay sauna Bodyline has officially been retired after more than 30 years, as rival gay sauna 357 moves in and rebrands the Taylor Street location as Sauna X. Bodyline Sydney first opened in 1991. Despite much pushback at the time, Bodyline became Sydney’s first lawfully established gay bathhouse. Recently, the sauna closed its …

Linda Warren behind the bar of Sydney's Stonewall Hotel

The face behind Sydney’s Stonewall Hotel

Stonewall Hotel is one of a handful of venues along Oxford Street that can claim real longevity, having been open for an impressive 27 years this July, and it’s been a staple of the Sydney LGBTQIA+ scene since day one. Many readers will be familiar with Stonewall’s dangerously cheap Long Islands, but they may not …


Latest LGBTIQ entertainment from Australia and around the world
Philmah Bocks and the original trio from Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Priscilla superfan Philmah Bocks has thoughts on new sequel

One of Australia’s biggest Priscilla, Queen of the Desert fans, drag queen Philmah Bocks, has weighed in on the upcoming sequel to the film and the legacy of the original 1994 film. It’s the 30th anniversary of the 1994 drag classic The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. The old girl has unexpectedly roared …

Brendan Maclean who will be performing with Electric Fields for Eurovision 2024 is in an elaborate cosutme in front of a Eurovision 2024 backdrop.

Brendan Maclean’s surprise Eurovision news for Australia

Queer singer-songwriter Brendan Maclean will join Australia’s Electric Fields as they compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. Brendan revealed to QNews that he will be part of the Eurovision stage performance in support of  Electric Fields. “I’m very happy to share my bags are filled to the brim with all-black attire in readiness for performing …

adventures of priscilla

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert sequel with original stars and director

Variety reports that Australian cult classic The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, will get a sequel. Original stars Terence Stamp, Guy Pearce and Hugo Weaving will all return along with director Stephan Elliot. The 1994 movie was a classic road trip film with a gigantic twist. It featured three drag performers driving an …

ABC News weatherman Nate Byrne and the Play School set

Nate Byrne joined Play School and wants a Bluey role next

ABC News Breakfast weather presenter Nate Byrne has announced he’ll appear on ABC kids TV favourite Play School. The meteorologist shared a video of himself from the set of the long-running show and explained he was there for a “Science Time” segment. “Dream. Come. True,” Nate wrote on Twitter X. “I’m so excited, it’s like …

Cleat Cute

Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird to adapt ‘Cleat Cute’ into tv series

Sapphic romance novel Cleat Cute is set to be adapted into a television series. Tying in perfectly with the book’s themes, Cleat Cute will be produced by former WNBA star Sue Bird and ex-U.S. Women’s Soccer captain Megan Rapinoe’s production company, A Touch More. Cleat Cute is Meryl Wilsner’s 2023 queer romance novel that tells the …

Chilli and the kids in Bluey finale The Sign

Bluey introduces two lesbian chihuahua mums

A supersized season finale of kids TV favourite Bluey has arrived and as well as making Aussies of all ages cry, the new story references a rainbow family for the first time. Bluey‘s 28-minute season three finale, The Sign, premiered on ABC on Sunday. The tearjerking new episode follows the show’s titular puppy coming to …


Latest LGBTIQ world news, current affairs, community issues, lifestyle and more
Nymphia Wind

Taiwan president congratulates Nymphia Wind for Drag Race win

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen offered congratulations on Saturday to Taiwan’s own Nymphia Wind, winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 16. “Congratulations to you, Nymphia Wind, for being so accomplished in the difficult art form of drag, and for being the first Taiwanese to take the stage and win on RuPaul’s Drag Race. “Right after being …

gay furries

Gay furries are cute until RWNJs piss them off

Gay furries are cute, colourful and full of good cheer. That is, until RWNJs piss them off. Furries Furries are individuals who take on the ‘fursona’ of an anthropomorphized animal. Some dress up in full-body fursuit costumes. Others wear just a face mask or some other individual costume piece. Some furries are gay, some are …

Manuel Guerrero is in jail in Qatar after he fell victim to a police Grindr sting

British gay man arrested in Qatar is running out of HIV meds

British-Mexican man Manuel Guerrero, who was arrested and held in Qatar after a Grindr sting, is running out of his vital HIV medication, his family say. Manuel (above), who works for Qatar airways, was arrested on February 4 after police used a fake profile to invite him to a meeting, his brother Enrique said. Qatar …

Alan Ritchson reacher

Reacher’s Alan Ritchson compares modeling to ‘legal sex trafficking’

 Reacher star Alan Ritchson modelled before he acted and compares the modeling industry to legalised sex trafficking. Alan Ritchson told The Hollywood Reporter sexual abuse was endemic in the industry. “There are very few redeeming qualities to working in that industry. Let’s be honest, it’s like legalized sex trafficking. The industry is not regulated, and …

Nancy Valverde

Butch lesbian trailblazer Nancy Valverde, dies at 92

Chicana lesbian, activist and gender-nonconformist Nancy Valverde died at her Los Angeles home on Monday. She was 92. In the 1950s, Valverde was was routinely arrested for violating L.A.’s ‘masquerading’ laws. These laws were commonly used by law enforcement to to target drag queens, transgender people and butch lesbians. She was detained multiple times at Lincoln …

New Zealand rainbow crossing vandalised

Police charge alleged New Zealand rainbow crossing vandals

Police have charged three people in New Zealand accused of defacing a rainbow crossing in the city of Gisborne. Fundamentalist Christian vandals are targeting the rainbow installations in New Zealand. Last Monday night, the vandals painted over the rainbow crossing in the CBD of the city of Gisborne. The vandals, who are supporters of the …


Latest LGBTIQ Australian news
Drag show at Throb Nightclub

Sad update on future of Darwin’s Throb Nightclub

Long-running Darwin gay nightclub Throb, which was forced to shut its doors last year, has been placed into liquidation. The Australian Security and Investment Commission website listed the liquidation this week, signalling the end for the venue after 24 years. Last year, the LGBTQIA+ nightclub was forced to close in the Northern Territory capital city …

South Australia's History Festival

Check out the rainbow events at South Australia’s History Festival

As part of South Australia’s History Festival, a self-guided tour will celebrate the queer history of Adelaide. Flamboyance Tours present the queer history of Adelaide in a self-guided audio tour, sharing the stories of LGBTQIA+ life and people. Not just a tour about Adelaide’s queer history, but of how the city shaped Australian queer history …

Guy Pearce in Priscilla Queen of the Desert, and the bus now

$165k raised to restore Priscilla Queen of the Desert bus

Donations to a campaign to rescue and restore the original bus from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert have come in from all over the world. The much-loved 1994 Australian film is celebrating its 30th birthday this year. Three decades on, the long-lost original bus from Priscilla has been found – in a state of extreme …

Queer History

LGBTIQ history from Australia and around the world
percy le vaux peter ;umberg

5/ The murder of Peter Lumberg: an arrest

With Inspector Durham still away, Sub-Inspector Bowen presided over the investigation into Peter Lumberg’s murder. Percy Le Vaux remained the main person of interest. A magisterial inquiry opened into the homicide, but police swooped in to arrest a witness even before the completion of the proceedings. The story of a Cairns murder, the attempted framing …

brisbane club gay blackmail henry sankey

Henry Sankey: Gay Blackmail at Brisbane Club 1886

In the long decades before the decriminalisation of gay sex, men risked not only imprisonment but also gay blackmail as Henry Sankey discovered in an 1886 Brisbane Club case. The short-lived Brisbane Club featured in this story has no connection with the club of the same name, established in 1903 and still operating today. The …

percy le vaux peter ;umberg

4/ Percy Le Vaux – the victim’s ‘most intimate friend’

Percy Le Vaux moved to Cairns intent on achieving wealth and power. It never quite worked out. The story of a Cairns murder, the attempted framing of an innocent First Nations man, the sexual assault on a young constable by one of Queensland’s most senior cops and a suicide. The Queensland Police hushed up this …


glenn bishop vintage nude male physique

NSFW! Vintage nude male physique model Glenn Bishop

Glenn Bishop was one of the most popular vintage nude male physique models despite his full-frontal nude images only becoming widely available just after he retired from the business. Click on the ‘NSFW! Click here’ links for the full-frontal pics. Glenn Bishop took up bodybuilding as a teenager and launched his modelling career while still …

Walt Needham and Mike Sill vintage nude mormon bodybuilders

NSFW! Vintage nude Mormon bodybuilders

Vintage nude Mormon bodybuilders? Who’da thought good Mormon lads got their dicks out for 1950s photographers? Well, two Junior Mr Utahs certainly did and here are the pics of Mike Sill and Walt Needham to prove it. Men were not supposed to pose for nude photos in the good old days. It was supposedly immoral …

orville peck daniel pitout butt magazine

Orville Peck’s 2014 full-frontal nudes for Butt Magazine.

From the beginning of his country music career, some fans recognised Orville Peck as Daniel Pitout, drummer for the Canadian punk band Nü Sensae. Daniel’s most devoted fans also harbored fond memories of his 2014 nude feature in Butt Magazine.  Born in South Africa, Daniel moved to Canada when he was 15. He did 12 …


Latest LGBTIQ politics from Australia and around the world
Greens Senator Janet Rice and her partner Anne

Retiring senator Janet Rice wants to marry her partner Anne

Greens Senator Janet Rice has retired from politics, and after years of fighting for marriage equality has said she now hopes to marry her partner Anne. Senator Rice, who’s from Victoria and was first elected in 2013, announced her retirement plans last year. For years, Janet was her party’s LGBTQIA+ spokesperson. Today (April 19), Janet …

bondi killer joel cauchi

Why I reported Bondi killer advertised as escort

Outrage greeted my Sunday report that Bondi killer Joel Cauchi advertised as an escort in the weeks before his murderous rampage. “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition,” Monty Python used to say. Bullshit. In queer publishing, we always expect the Spanish Inquisition. First, there are the people of faith, often American, that have nothing better to …

Rodney Croome stands in front of a sandstone building wearing a grey suit

No excuses for inaction on religious discrimination

There’s no excuse for buck passing. It’s time for the Australian Government to close the loopholes that let religious organisations legally discriminate. The Federal Government has derailed the campaign to stop faith-based schools legally discriminating against LGBTQ+ students and staff. Ahead of the release of an Australian Law Reform Commission report recommending such discrimination be …