Skating Rink ‘Closes Permanently’ After Same-Sex Kiss Furore

Skating ring closes same-sex kiss

A same-sex couple have claimed they were asked to leave a New South Wales rollerskating rink after a parent complained about the couple kissing each other.

The Wollongong couple, Amy Hudson and Maddie Dellosa, told the Illawarra Mercury they had been asked to leave the Oak Flats Roller Skating Rink after giving each other “a few pecks” on the lips.

Dellosa told the publication the manager of the venue approached them and said he’d had a complaint from a parent that their affection “wasn’t appropriate in front of children.”

“I was going to the toilet and [Amy] was going to the car. We pecked on the lips and I turned around and saw the manager coming towards me,” she said.

“He said, ‘Ladies, I’m going to have to ask you to stop that.’

“I felt my blood boil … He said, ‘I don’t care if boys kiss boys or whatever, it’s just not tolerated here, it’s a family venue’.”

The couple posted a scathing one-star review on the rink’s Facebook page late last week, detailing the incident.

Dellosa hit out at allegations online that the couple were “all over each other” at the event.

“It’s a family venue – I see that, and I see that it’s not appropriate for teenagers or anyone of any gender to be all over each other,” she told the Illawarra Mercury.

“If I was doing that, I would agree it was fair of him to ask me to leave, but this was not what this was.

“We were giving a quick peck before we went to do whatever we were going to do, and no one can tell me that he would ask a straight couple to [stop] that if a parent complained.”

She said they became angry after the confrontation, throwing their hire skates in the bin and swearing before they left.

“I said ‘F you’ three times to him, with tears streaming down my face, shaking in embarrassment and anger,” she said.

“The sense of inequality really hit me.”

The newspaper reported a number of people had made threatening calls to the venue, and messages left on the venue’s answering service – including “you’ll get yours, it’s coming” – had left the owners worried for their staff.

The business has deleted its Facebook page and the description on its website and Google review page reads, “The rink is now closed permanently due to the concerns for the safety of our staff.”

Dellosa says she condemns those who made threats to the venue.

“I don’t think that’s right. I’m really angry at whoever did that. It’s not how I wanted the situation handled,” she said.

“I never suggested anyone do that, I simply opened up and told people of my experience.”

Jordan Hirst
Jordan Hirst

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