NSW CAPO seeks Indigenous views on Closing the Gap accountability

NSW CAPO consult on Closing the Gap government accountability

In August and September, the NSW Coalition of Aboriginal Peak Organisations (NSW CAPO) is hosting consultations across New South Wales to talk to Aboriginal people about how we can hold the government to account on Closing the Gap.

Aboriginal people have made our voices heard loud and clear – we’re tired of Aboriginal community-controlled services being held to a higher level of accountability than government and mainstream organisations.

We want the government to stop measuring their own performance, and we want access to information so we know who is doing a good job for our mob.

In response, NSW CAPO is leading the design of a ‘Government Accountability Mechanism’. This Mechanism will be independent and Aboriginal-led.

It will give us the power to decide how we want to measure government’s performance, and what to do about it when it’s not good enough.

It’s now up to Aboriginal people in NSW to work out what we think would be most useful as a Mechanism.

A Mechanism might be a new organisation, a leader like a Commissioner or Ombudsman, or a tool (like a survey). It might be focused at the community, regional or state level, or all three!

NSW CAPO is asking for your ideas, to help design the best option. Together, we have the power to bring about meaningful change and ensure that the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are heard and respected. Now is the time to speak openly and constructively, to shape policies for our future.

There will be two rounds of community input. The first round is happening now. NSW CAPO is asking for Aboriginal people’s suggestions on the big questions like what accountability mean to you, and what would meaningful consequences look like when the government isn’t meeting their commitments? These ideas will shape options of what a Mechanism could look like. Then early next year, NSW CAPO will hold a second round of consultations to present these options and ask for your feedback.

These interactive workshops will provide you with an opportunity to express your views, share your experiences, and contribute towards meaningful and structural change that addresses the unique needs and aspirations of our communities.

Register now at Coalition of Aboriginal Peak Organisations’ Eventbrite page to find and participate in a free consultation event happening near you.

Closing the Gap is a national agreement by all Australian Governments to work in partnership with Aboriginal community-controlled organisations to close the gap in outcomes between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians.

CAPO is a collective of NSW peak bodies for Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisations. We work to provide a strong, independent and united voice to address issues affecting Aboriginal people living in NSW. Currently, NSW CAPO is particularly focused on working to implement the Closing the Gap agreement in NSW.

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