Not a clue: Pete Evans, a 4 letter word beginning with C

pete evans bio-charger
Main Image: Pete Evans Facebook

Yes. That is correct. Pete Evans is a chef. Not a doctor. Nor a scientist. He’s not even a DIY flux capacitor engineer. He’s a chef. But despite that Evans spruiked a $15,000 light frequency machine, a ‘Bio-charger’ — which he claimed could fight coronavirus — on Instagram.

He called the machine a ‘hybrid subtle energy revitalisation platform’.

He listed the BioCharger under ‘lifestyle products’ on his website. In a since-deleted Instagram video, he claimed he used the device most days.

He also said it could help with coronavirus, which has already killed more than 100,000 people worldwide.

“It’s programmed with a thousand different recipes and there’s a couple in there for the Wuhan coronavirus.”

Experts immediately called Evans out.

Dr Harry Nespolon, president of The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, did not mince his words.

“Several months ago I advised anti-vaxxer and celebrity chef Pete Evans that he should stick to talking about ‘activated almonds’ and leave vaccinations alone.

“Well, he should also steer well clear of peddling devices which he claims use ‘subtle energy’ to counter COVID-19. He just needs to stop it right now.

“It is a reality that many people look up to Mr Evans in his roles as a popular chef and television host.”

Other Australians then went to town on Twitter. All the pent-up frustration from the restriction imposed on us by coronavirus found an outlet — and a worthy target.

Pete Evans and his throbbing bio-charger

Other Aussies came up with some pretty radical alternative devices Pete could also potentially flog.

However, one of the Twitterati sounded a note of caution.

Joel Feren posted a list of earlier advice from the television celebrity.

Pete Evans got science wrong again

And as Shaky Pam pointed out, Pete also got the science behind his device completely wrong. That’s despite even Grade 8 science students apparently knowing there’s no such thing as ‘Nobel’ gases. However, this writer failed Grade 8 science. Maybe I could audition to become a TV chef.

Some took the bio-charger as the final straw and asked why Channel 7 continue to gift Evans a platform.

Pete’s in good company of course. At the beginning of the outbreak in Australia, Margaret Court’s church claimed holy blood would protect parishioners from the disease.

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