Noosa Temple of Satan going to court to fight for Satanism in schools

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Photo: Noosa Temple of Satan

Members of the Noosa Temple of Satan are going to the Supreme Court in a bid to allow Satanism to be taught in Queensland schools after the state government rejected them.

Sunshine Coast activist Robin Bristow co-founded the Noosa Temple of Satan in 2019. He’s known within the group as Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon.

On their website, the group claim to be a religious organisation who “revere Satan as a figure who symbolises rebellion against tyrannical or arbitrary authority.”

They say current Queensland laws allow the group equal standing to teach Satanic religious instruction to students whose parents give permission, the Courier-Mail reported.

The group claims two families have, but lawyer Trevor Bell claims the Education Department “unlawfully” barred them from state schools earlier this year.

In a letter, the Department told the Temple of Satan they believe they are not a religious denomination or society. Therefore, they’re not entitled to provide religious instruction in Queensland schools.

The department also reportedly told the Temple of Satan they don’t have enough followers to claim religion status.

However Brother Samael and the Temple of Satan disagree.

Queensland Education Minister Grace Grace earlier said the group’s request is “nothing but a stunt”.

“Satanism has never been taught in Queensland schools and it won’t be on my watch,” she said.

But Brother Samael says refusing permission means the government is violating Queensland law.

The group are now seeking a judicial review of the ban. Lawyer Trevor Bell said the case will go to the Supreme Court on August 12.

“What the Noosa Temple of Satan is saying is if you can have such a law, then we will enjoy the same privileges,” Bell said.

“Do you really still want that law? Maybe you should change it.”

Noosa Temple of Satan call out proposed Religious Discrimination Bill

The Noosa Temple of Satan went viral last year with a wild submission on the Morrison Government’s controversial Religious Discrimination Bill.

“Satanism has a message so powerful that we do not need laws to protect it,” the group wrote.

“Simply put, Noosa Satanists feel the proposed religious discrimination bill is completely unnecessary and a waste of this federal government’s time.

“Having said that, should this parliament vote to enact this legislation, then Satanists across Australia will aggressively use this law to ensure that we can access all the privileges it guarantees.”

The Temple vowed to use the new laws to preach Satanism in the streets. They also vowed to push for Satanic chaplains in schools.

“Satan has great plans for the future of Noosa and Australia,” the group wrote.

“We intend to use every avenue available to us to reach our goals.

“Hail Satan!”

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