Noosa Satanists slam ‘hypocrisy’ of threats targeting Black Mass ceremony

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Photo: courtesy of Robin Bristow

Members of the Noosa Temple of Satan say they’ve received death threats from “hypocritical” people of faith ahead of their Satanic “Black Mass” this Halloween.

The Sunshine Coast Satanists are planning the Black Mass ceremony for Friday, October 30 at The J Theatre.

The Temple was formed last year in the wake of the Morrison Government’s controversial proposed religious freedom legislation.

Their sold-out Black Mass event, which the group will also livestream online, will include a ritual to summon the Dark Lord through Satanic invocations.

Temple spokesperson Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon, the alter-ego of local activist Robin Bristow (pictured), said he was shocked by the “breathtaking hypocrisy” of the threats against the event.

“The Noosa Temple of Satan has been surprised by the large number of threats received on social media [from] fanatical Christians,” he said.

“All this for merely practicing our right to freedom of religion [with] others and in private.

“These outrageous threats to our event must be seen in the light of the calls by our Christian Prime Minister Scott Morrison for a religious freedom bill.”

Noosa Temple of Satan call on MP to assist with security costs

As a result The J Theatre, owned by the Noosa Council, advised the Temple it needed to pay an additional $480 for two security guards for the event.

Organisers have asked Noosa Federal MP Llew O’Brien to chip in for the costs.

“Llew and the Morrison Government have been extremely vocal with their support of religious freedom,” Brother Samael said.

“So now they should put their money where their mouth is.

“Scott Morrison’s own church [recently received] more than $100,000 of taxpayers’ money for security upgrades.

“Surely Llew could help the Noosa Temple of Satan have a safe and secure Black Mass with a contribution to the security costs.”

He said they want to highlight the “conditional” respect for religion that emerges “as soon as Satanists demand the same treatment”.

The Noosa Temple of Satan’s members “revere Satan as a metaphorical figure who symbolises rebellion against tyrannical or arbitrary authority”.

In January, the Temple’s tongue-in-cheek parliamentary submission on the Religious Discrimination Bill went viral.

In it, the group slammed the “unacceptable” bill but said if it passed the Temple would “aggressively use” it to “access all the privileges it guarantees”.

The Temple of Satan vowed to use the laws to preach in the streets. They would also ask the government to support Satanist chaplains in schools.

“Satan has great plans for the future of Noosa and Australia. We intend to use every avenue available to us to reach our goals,” the group wrote.

“Hail Satan!”

Christian organisation says Black Mass will ‘bring disaster to the world’

However one US-based Christian organisation Return to Order got wind of the Black Mass event. They’re petitioning Noosa’s Mayor to cancel it.

The petition states the event is “literally invoking the devil in a public venue”. The group also warned “the horrible event can only bring disaster to the world”.

Earlier, Noosa Council told the Sunshine Coast Daily The J Noosa is available to all individuals and organisations conducting lawful activities.

Community services director Kerri Contini said the group booked the facility to host the one-off ticketed event.

“As an operator we don’t endorse any of the room hire activities,” she said.

“But the facility is provided with standard hiring agreement conditions.

“We do not discriminate against bookings in relation to age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or individual political opinions.”

Contini said Noosa Council supported diversity in the community. However Council also understands not everyone agrees with certain events in public venues, she said.

Last year, the eye-opening documentary Hail Satan? explored the establishment and beliefs of the growing Satanic Temple in the US.

The documentary is available to stream in Australia on Stan.

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