Former Oasis bad boy Noel Gallagher has let rip against people who oppose marriage equality in an interview with Rolling stone, and he certainly didn’t hold back!

In a wide ranging interview in which he took aim at his brother Liam, One Direction’s Zayn Malik, and Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Gallagher had this to say when asked about same-sex marriage issues which are currently being debated in US courtrooms.

“What do these old men in the courtroom think is going to happen?,” Gallagher asked. “Do they think that depravity is just going to be fuckin’ rained down upon the world because two people from the same sex can recognise each other in a marriage partnership?”

“You have the religious fuckin’ thing in this country and it’s fuckin’ insane. It’s insane. The religious right would go back to stoning doctors in the street who perform abortions. That’s fucked up! If a man wants to marry another man, that’s up to you. If you both want to recognise each other and go through the fuckin’ pain of divorce, fuckin’ good, ‘cause the rest of us do, so join the fuckin’ club! Yeah. Pre-nup? You deal with that and all.”

Gallagher added took aim at those who want to opposes marriage equality on the grounds that marriage is about children.

“What about a man and a woman that get married who can’t have kids? Marriage is not about that; it’s about a commitment between two people spending their lives with each other. They’ll throw the procreation thing in there to muddy the waters a little bit. It is all old men who sit on these committees. They’re part of the old world and they’ll be fuckin’ gone soon, so fuck ‘em.”

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