Nigi Nigi In The City

If you happen to be one of the tens of thousands of city commuters going back and forth Central station daily, you might have noticed a little  takeaway/micro-cafe on the corner of Adelaide and Edward Streets called Nigi Nigi. A standout among the CBD’s sushi shops, they offer quality fast food that’s fantastic value for money at a highly convenient spot. 

There’s a good range of traditional and fusion-style maki sushi rolls, although what Japanese expats and foreign students really hanker for are their well-made onigiri: parcels of salted rice shaped into oval or triangular shapes, filled with salty or tangy ingredients like pickled plum and mashed salted salmon, and wrapped in nori. A quintessential takeaway food traditionally prepared by housewives for their children to take to school, it’s the Japanese analog to the vegemite sandwich. Discerning Japanophiles might notice a lack of finesse with the preparation work that goes into their sashimi, but we can’t fault the quality and freshness of the fish, and it’s a bargain from about $8 per pack.

Lunch specials include items like bento set meals and noodle soups. Try the kitsune udon, udon noodles and sweetened fried tofu parcels in a clean-tasting dashi-based (seaweed and dried fish shavings) soup that is so wholesome, it slurps down like a dream. During the colder months they will put an oden stand at the shopfront, offering a variety of skewered foods ($1-$2.50 each) simmered in a light broth as well as steamed buns and dumplings. The staff also tend to offer happy hour deals or clearance prices for their sushi after 5pm.  If you’re the people watching type with plenty of time to kill, order a pot of Japanese green tea, take a seat (the vast majority of their clientele tend to be on the go) and observe the city’s racing pulse as the masses go about their business in the heart of our fair city.

Nigi Nigi

Shop 8 Anzac Square Arcade, 198 Adelaide Street, Brisbane  T: 0479 058 888

Open Mon – Fri 7:30am – 7pm, Sat 8:30am – 6pm


Cash only

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