Nick Offerman was surprised by huge reaction to The Last of Us

The Last of Us screenshot showing Bill and Frank embracing
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Actor Nick Offerman has revealed how he – and his wife Megan Mullally – reacted to the script for his tearjerking gay The Last of Us episode.

Earlier this year, the actor starred in a standalone episode of HBO’s dystopian video game adaptation. The Last of Us is streaming in Australia on Binge.

Titled “Long, Long Time”, Nick Offerman played survivalist Bill who captures an intruder named Frank (played by Aussie Murray Bartlett) at his compound at the start of the global apocalypse.

After Bill allows him to stay for dinner, the two men fall into a beautiful 20-year romance.

Nick Offerman this week discussed the role in a chat with The Guardian.

He said he was “quite taken aback at the Game of Thrones-level tsunami of approbation” for the episode, which was praised as one of the best in ages.

But he recalled the episode was produced “like making a Sundance movie. It was treated by the entire production [crew] like the exquisite hit that it became”.

When he first received the script, Nick recalled he wasn’t sure if he would be available to film it.

But after reading the script, he said he “knew it was going to be trouble”. He immediately consulted wife Megan Mullaly for her opinion.

“There was nothing to do but to ask Megan to read it,” he said.

“Because my options were either to say, ‘Honey, I just read a very good script that’s going to screw up the calendar for a month’, or say, ‘Will you please read this and let me know what you think?’

“She read it and said, ‘Sorry buddy, you’re going to Calgary to shoot this show.’”

Nick Offerman horrified by homophobic hate after The Last of Us

But sadly, Nick Offerman was also left baffled by the homophobic hate he received on social media.

“I was kinda fascinated by how openly people will express hate and brand themselves as bigots,” he told i News in a separate interview.

Offerman said it was worrying “the public expression of that kind of hatred is still pretty safe”.

“Because here were men saying, ‘I’m a father and a Christian and a patriot and I hate queers,’” he said.

“I kept thinking: ‘We can see you!’”

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The Last of Us is based on the acclaimed 2013 video game of the same name. HBO has renewed the show for season two.

The series stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, who journey across the US 20 years after a deadly zombie-like virus ravaged the world.

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