People are shocked after ‘intense’ pat-down of Aussie at US airport

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Gay flamingo couple Hudson and Blaze foster their first chick

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Govt shuts down Sexual Minorities Uganda over name

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France to appoint LGBTQ Ambassador to the world

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Michael Henry on Cut vs Uncut. Cue WWIII in 3,2,1…

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heaven nightclub g-a-y nightclub porn idol police officers met police stripper stripping charing cross

Police officers cop official warning not to strip at gay nightclub

London’s Metropolitan Police has warned officers they’ll be “spoken to” if they strip naked in a gay nightclub’s competition while off duty. Long-running queer nightclub Heaven in Charing Cross is home to the iconic G-A-Y night. Each Thursday, the nightclub hosts its X-rated Porn Idol stripping competition. Prizes up to £1,000 are on offer to …

silver steele porn star monkeypox symptoms social media posts us america

‘No joke’: US gay porn star documents painful monkeypox battle

US gay porn star Silver Steele has been sharing his “brutal” experience of monkeypox in a bid to raise awareness of the virus. A global outbreak of the virus in dozens of countries in the northern hemisphere has climbed to tens of thousands of cases. Steele told Rolling Stone he went to a Fourth of …

colombia gay kiss-a-thon b

Colombians hold mass ‘kiss-a-thon’ in park after gay couple attacked

Hundreds of people have gathered together in a park Colombia to kiss each other in support of a gay couple harassed by homophobes for kissing each other. Same-sex couples staged the “Besaton” – meaning “kiss marathon” or “kiss-a-thon” – in the park in capital city Bogotá where the pair were confronted. The group of women, …

Tala Safwan saudi

Saudi police arrest TikToker for alleged lesbian subtext

Last week, Donald Trump and a shameless mob of already wealthy sportspeople accepted money to play in a tournament intended to help rehabilitate the reputation of the murderous Saudi regime. Also last week, Saudi police arrested Egyptian TikToker Tala Safwan over alleged lesbian subtext in a recent video. Tala Safwan has five million followers on …

Royal Pegging

MSM sits tight on right royal pegging scandal

The British elite, including the media, kept a stiff upper lip this weekend as a right royal pegging scandal became all the talk on social media. Of course, whether a certain notable Brit would rather sit on a dildo or a throne is not our business. Butt the back story (forgive me), is newsworthy. Curiously, …

brittney griner joe biden lesbian basketballer wrongful detention russia

Biden administration offers “substantial deal” for Brittney Griner

American basketball champion Brittney Griner may be returning home, with the Biden administration offering Russia a “substantial” deal. The lesbian WNBA star has been in Russian custody since February — only days before Russia invaded Ukraine. Griner was arrested at Moscow airport on February 17, she had flown to Russia to play in the Russian league …

LGB Alliance Allison Bailey

LGB Alliance founder Allison Bailey loses legal fight against UK charity

LGB Alliance founder Allison Bailey has lost her lawsuit against LGBTQIA+ rights organisation Stonewall, but has won an employment tribunal case. Bailey is a barrister at Garden Court Chambers and co-founder of the anti-trans lobby group LGB Alliance. Bailey identifies as a “gender critical feminist” and lesbian. She claimed that Garden Court “took action” against …

hiv red ribbon world aids day white house international aids conference hiv cure stem cell transplant bone marrow transplant cancer city of hope patient

Another person likely ‘cured’ of HIV after risky cancer treatment

Scientists have reported that another person appears to be among just a handful of people “cured” of HIV after a risky stem cell transplant to treat cancer. The 66-year-old American man, named the “City of Hope patient” after his California treatment centre, has been in remission from HIV for 17 months. The patient has lived …

republican glenn thompson same-sex marriage

Republican attends gay son’s wedding after voting down marriage bill

A Republican Congressman has attended and celebrated his gay son’s wedding just three days after he voted against codifying same-sex marriage in federal law. The Pennsylvania representative spoke at the wedding in Philadelphia, to declare he and his wife were “blessed” to attend the wedding after “hoping and praying” their three sons would find their …

Berlin Pride Christopher Street Day

Berlin Pride sees rainbow flag fly above parliament for first time

On Saturday, the rainbow flag was raised above Germany’s federal parliament, known as the Bundestag, for the first time. The flag flew in celebration of Berlin Pride, as the event returned to full capacity for the first time in two years. In 2020, Pride was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year, around 65,000 …

WHO monkeypox dr tedros global health emergency

WHO declares Monkeypox a global health emergency

The World Health Organisation (WHO) Director-General Dr Tedros today called a global health emergency for monkeypox. WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the committee met Thursday and reviewed the latest data, but failed to reach a consensus. The Director-General then decided to declare a global health emergency himself. “In short, we have an outbreak …

Budapest Pride Viktor Orban

Budapest Pride: 30,000 defy heat and Viktor Orban

Thousands of Hungarians defied sweltering heat and authoritarian anti-LGBTIQA+ Prime Minister Viktor Orban to celebrate Budapest Pride. The event follows last week’s equally sizzling parades in Madrid and Bucharest. The parade took place in 40-degree heat along a route unprotected by shade. But the marchers were determined to defend LGBTIQA+ rights in the country. “Can …

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