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Australian National News

red cross lifeblood

Red Cross Lifeblood recently eased restrictions on tattooed donors. From last week, Aussies can walk straight from a tattoo parlour and into a Lifeblood centre to donate plasma. But note the word ‘straight’. The restrictions on donations from gay, bisexual and trans (GBT) donors remain. GBT donors must still abstain from sex for twelve months …

#analjones Claire G. Coleman

The hashtag #AnalJones predictably inspired controversy as it trended on Twitter tonight. Award-winning Wirlomin Noongar author Claire G Coleman kicked off the hashtag earlier in the day. Claire tweeted, “It would be such a shame if everybody accidentally misspelled Alan Jones and #AnalJones started trending, wouldn’t it.” It would be such a shame if everybody …

family court of australia transgender youth teenager hormone treatment

A 16-year-old transgender girl whose mother opposed her transition can access gender-affirming hormone treatment after a win in the Family Court of Australia. The girl’s father had consented to the treatment, but her mother refused, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. Family Court Justice Garry Watts last week granted access to oestrogen treatment for the girl, …

bridget clinch beth rep

The ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal last week ordered Canberra newsreader Beth Rep to pay $10,000 compensation to transgender activist Bridget Clinch. The order resulted from Rep ‘liking’ offensive Facebook comments on an apology she previously made to Bridget Clinch. Former Army captain Bridget Clinch complained to the tribunal about comments Rep made about her …

campaign against moral persecution bill rutkin

QNews welcomes letters from our readers on any subject relevant to our glorious communities. Please address to with subject line ‘Letters’.  Today, Bill Rutkin writes on the progress of our communities in the half-century since the formation of Campaign Against Moral Persecution and where to from here. Robert French: Campaign Against Moral Persecution Today …

christine forster former PM Tony Abbott homophobe and misogynist

His sister accused critics of the former PM Tony Abbott of ‘scoring cheap political points’ in a weekend tweet. Christine Forster castigated those who describe the new British trade advisor as a ‘homophobe and misogynist’ without knowing him. However, Forster neglected to address the many incidents and comments that inspired the accusations. Abbott’s appointment proved …

tik tok star nude social media influencer aussie tik tok

Baiters are currently distributing a video of an Aussie Tik Tok star nude. The footage was shot before the influencer turned 18 earlier this year. Baiters first posted copies of the video to Twitter in late June. More recently, members of a network that shares, trades and sells stolen and baited content identified the subject …

dear alan jones not the bloody flu

Dear Alan Jones, on your television show last night, you described the pandemic as having “a fatality rate little different to a bad flu season.” Mr Jones, this is not the bloody flu. Respiratory diseases from seasonal influenza kill up to 650,000 people a year globally. That’s out of the approximately one billion people that …

lgbtiq aged care switchboard victoria covid-19

Victorian LGBTIQ advocates are extremely concerned for the welfare of older LGBTI Victorians in aged care or self-isolation during the state’s COVID-19 lockdown. Numbers of Victorians in aged care with COVID-19 reached 1186 on Tuesday (August 4), with outbreaks in at least 100 facilities. Switchboard Victoria provide peer support to LGBTI people including seniors through …

covid karen covidiots

Australia recently celebrated the rise of our own COVID Karens. Pandemic culture employs ‘Karen’ as shorthand for covidiots — the attention seekers who deny science and disrupt our fight against the virus. Karen memes focus on women, but a glance over the history of the pandemic thus far shows the COVID Karens who wreak the …

two hairy men in bed stock photo covid-19 coronavirus gay prep hiv prevention

Gay and bisexual men in Australia reported having much less casual sex with other men during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to research from the Kirby Institute. The study, surveying 940 gay and bi men, found almost 95 per cent recognised sexual contact, particularly with casual partners and in group sex, was a COVID-19 risk. Researchers …

castration fantasy

A Sydney man ended up hospitalised on the weekend after travelling to Brisbane for a castration fantasy act. A Brisbane man cut off one of his testicles, with his consent, after searching the internet to learn how to perform the operation. The Courier-Mail reports that the Sydney man met the 27-year-old Brisbane electrician online. The …