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Australian National News

Canadian-owned Saputo Dairy Australia today announced the company would replace the racist COON brand name. From June, the product will be rebranded as CHEER Cheese. The decision comes after decades of brand owners defending a racist slur. Various companies previously claimed the cheese took its name from brand ‘founder’, E W Coon. Destiny Rogers recently …

lgbtiq human rights

Rodney Croome and Brian Greig predict LGBTIQ rights battles will heat up in 2021, with big challenges and opportunities ahead. They say it’s time to get more allies on board and focus on local campaigning. Rodney Croome and Brian Greig are long-time Australian LGBTIQ human rights advocates. Both are recipients of the Order of Australia …

coon cheese dr stephen hagan

Earlier this year Saputo Dairy Australia announced they would ‘retire’ the name of COON Cheese. The decision follows a long campaign by Aboriginal academic and social justice advocate Dr Stephen Hagan. Previous owners defended the brand name based on the claim that cheesemaker Fred Walker named the cheese in honour of Edward Coon, the inventor …

reparations anti-LGBTIQ laws

Rodney Croome says governments owe reparations to people convicted under Australia’s former anti-LGBTIQ laws. Rodney Croome is a spokesperson for Equality Tasmania and just.equal It’s time to talk about financial reparations for historic persecution of LGBTIQ+ Australians. Two issues sparked this conversation: compensation for victims of Australia’s former laws against homosexuality, and redress for survivors …

gay blood donation ban just equal pflag red cross lifeblood

LGBTIQ advocates have urged Australian blood donation authorities to follow the UK and safely ease restrictions on gay, bi and trans blood donors. This week, the UK announced a major reform of its blood donation policy for men who have sex with men. An expert advisory committee recommended all UK donors be assessed for individual …

interengineer lgbtiq networking group

Companies across the engineering sector have launched a new LGBTIQ networking group with a really important goal in mind.  The new group, named InterEngineer, was launched last week to bring together the industry’s LGBTIQ professionals and allies. Each year, the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) surveys employees and business on workplace inclusion. However the 2020 …

domestic violence

LGBTIQ+ Australians under 25 are 4.5 times more likely to be at risk of domestic and family violence than those 25 years and over, according to new research. Equality Australia and Drummond Street Services’ Centre for Family Research and Evaluation in Victoria have released a research report on domestic and family violence affecting LGBTIQ+ people, …

greg hunt health minister world aids day

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has announced all Australians with HIV will get access to their life-saving antiretroviral medicine, regardless of their Medicare eligibility. Hunt announced the initiative this morning at a virtual parliamentary breakfast to mark World AIDS Day today. “Today, more than 28,000 Australians are living with HIV. It is very pleasing that …

ryan sta maria heroes of the pandemic

The COVID-19 that paralysed much of the globe since early this year brought death and untold misery to many. But it also brought to light community heroes whose stories bring joy into our lives amidst all the bleakness. One of those is Ryan Sta Maria whose resilience and bighearted nature makes him one of our …

hugh sheridan hospitalised sexuality gay bisexual essay

Social media abuse saw actor Hugh Sheridan hospitalised for mental health treatment during the past week. Previously, an Instagram post led to the postponement of a season of Hedwig and the Angry Inch starring the actor. The Daily Mail reports the backlash over his casting to take on a role some characterise as transgender included …

manscapes calendar 2021

Yet again, Byron Bay artist John Bortolin captures a superb collection of beautiful men amid the visual splendour of the Northern New South Wales landscape for the Manscapes Calendar 2021. As in previous years, every calendar purchase supports mental health projects undertaken by QC (Queensland Council for LGBTI Health). Scroll down for video John Bortolin …

LGBTQIA+ STEMM Day queers in science

Today, Queers in Science holds its annual symposium for LGBTQIA+ people who work in the field of STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine). Queers in Science tweeted earlier today that LGBTQIA+ STEMM Day celebrates the wonderful work our queer community does to make the world a better place. Queers in Science aims to showcase …