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Australian National News

Bisexual pride flag

Nearly half of Australians wouldn’t date someone who openly identifies as bisexual, the ABC has found in its new Australia Talks survey. For the big survey, the ABC reached out to 60,000 Australians to get their opinions on all sorts of topics. Hosts Annabel Crabb and Nazeem Hussain presented the results in a TV special …

gay blood donation ban just equal pflag red cross lifeblood

Australia’s blood donation authorities should follow the lead of their UK counterparts and lift blanket bans on gay men donating blood, LGBTIQ advocates say. On Monday, the UK began new blood donation rules assessing the risk of donors individually. The new policy replaces blanket restrictions on gay and bisexual men. Under the rules, male donors …

janet rice greens senator transgender blood donation therapeutic goods administration tga lifeblood

Greens senator Janet Rice has lashed “ridiculous” blood donation rules affecting Australian transgender women with male partners. In Australia, our Lifeblood donation service makes men who have sex with other men wait three months after sexual activity to donate blood. Transgender men and women must also wait three months after sex with a male or …

schools students homophobic bullying homophobic language australian students western sydney university

New Australian research has found alarming rates of homophobic language and harassment in schools, with students reporting teachers rarely intervene. Jacqueline Ullman is an Associate Professor in Adolescent Development, Behaviour and Wellbeing at Western Sydney University. Her new study Free2Be … Yet? surveyed Australian high school students identifying as LGBTQ+ diverse. The report surveyed 2,376 …

lgbtq domestic violence awareness day

The right to live a life free from domestic violence and abuse is a person’s most basic human right. But for many LGBTQ people, it is sadly not a reality. More than half of LGBTQ people will experience some form of domestic, family or intimate partner violence or abuse in their lifetime. But most victims …

GoFundMe israel folau clive palmer folau rugby league comeback

In an ad on the front page of today’s Courier-Mail, billionaire Clive Palmer calls for the return of Israel Folau to rugby league. The paper reports the pair will front a joint press conference today where they will announce plans for a Folau rugby league comeback. Update Later today, Palmer pledged at the press conference …

social media

A report by researchers from Western Sydney University explores how sexuality and gender-diverse young people used social media platforms during COVID-19. The researchers also made recommendations to ensure better support for LGBTQIA+ people online. The report found that homes were at times difficult spaces for LGBTQIA+ people during lockdown. However,  young people largely used this time …

brendan pang snapchat lenses idahobit 2021

Brendan Pang has teamed up with Minus18 and Snapchat to launch Snapchat Lenses. The release of the series of augmented reality lenses is timed to coincide with IDAHOBIT 2021. Perth-based cook Brendan Pang came out after appearing on Masterchef Australia in 2018. He also appeared on the show in 2020. Brendan said the lenses celebrate …

idahobit day 2021 progress pride flag ikea

IKEA Australia will fly the Progress Pride Flag tomorrow to commemorate IDAHOBIT Day 2021. The move follows earlier innovations for the company’s ‘Progress is Made’ campaign. IKEA will also offer rainbow-coloured receipts and shopping bags on IDAHOBIT Day 2021. Last year, the company introduced gender-neutral toilets into their Australian stores. The company website states IKEA …

doc q fiona bisshop dr rhys young

Much loved Doc Q Fiona Bisshop passes the torch this month to Dr Rhys Young. Dr Bisshop began penning her regular column for QNews almost a dozen years ago. In addition to becoming our longest surviving columnist, she’s also been one of the most loved and respected. My dear readers, Can you believe I’ve been …

dawn fraser

Olympic great Dawn Fraser addressed decades-long rumours about her sexuality in an interview with the Courier-Mail this weekend. Dawn Fraser One of Australia’s best ever swimmers and greatest Olympians, Dawn Fraser won four Olympic and six Commonwealth Games gold medals. She won individual gold medals for the same event at three consecutive Olympics. Only two …

Tom the Whistleblower parliamentary wanker

Earlier today, Channel 9 newspapers outed the gay man who calls himself Tom the Whistleblower over his outing of Canberra’s gay parliamentary wanker. The self-titled whistleblower shared images with the media of the parliamentary wanker masturbating. Tom the Whistleblower We all know politics is full of wankers. And lots of people film themselves masturbating. Indeed, …

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