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Australian National News

dawn fraser

Olympic great Dawn Fraser addressed decades-long rumours about her sexuality in an interview with the Courier-Mail this weekend. Dawn Fraser One of Australia’s best ever swimmers and greatest Olympians, Dawn Fraser won four Olympic and six Commonwealth Games gold medals. She won individual gold medals for the same event at three consecutive Olympics. Only two …

Tom the Whistleblower parliamentary wanker

Earlier today, Channel 9 newspapers outed the gay man who calls himself Tom the Whistleblower over his outing of Canberra’s gay parliamentary wanker. The self-titled whistleblower shared images with the media of the parliamentary wanker masturbating. Tom the Whistleblower We all know politics is full of wankers. And lots of people film themselves masturbating. Indeed, …

golden gaytime rainbow petition gay

Scores of gay Australians have signed counter-petitions to oppose a Melbourne man’s call to rename iconic Australian ice-cream brand Golden Gaytime. Gay Melbourne man Brian Mc launched the petition this month. He’s directing the petition to manufacturer Streets and parent company Unilever. Mc described the name of the ice cream, created in 1959 when …

peta credlin parliament house gay sex orgies rent boyss

With conservative political forces in disarray following recent allegations of rape and sexual impropriety, Peta Credlin last night added gay sex into the salacious mix. Tony Abbott’s former chief of staff alleged that Liberal staffers held gay sex orgies in Parliament House. Further, she claimed a former minister invited rent boys to his ministerial office. …

rainbow mum acute leukemia

Shelley Argent, longtime National Spokesperson for PFLAG+, Australia’s rainbow mum, and one of the country’s most effective LGBTIQ+ activists, has been diagnosed with acute leukemia. Shelley shared the news with friends last night. “Age and other factors rule out effective treatment. Realistically, I may or may not be here at Christmas. Of course, I wish …

mhelody bruno transgender filipina woman dead wagga wagga mhelody bruno's killer

Mhelody Bruno’s killer will not serve a jail sentence despite being found guilty of manslaughter. Justice Gordon Lerve found that Ms Bruno died as a result of a ‘consensual sex act’. Mhelody Bruno was holidaying in Australia from the Philippines and due to fly home a week after her death. Mourners honoured Ms Bruno with …

pink triangle gay holocaust memorial sydney holocaust museums josh frydenberg

Federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg has been urged to ensure the inclusion of gay men and other persecuted minorities in Australia’s new Holocaust museums. Last week, Frydenberg spoke at Hobart Synagogue to announce funding for one such museum in the Tasmanian city. He spoke of the importance of remembering the horrors and atrocities of the Nazi …

Brisbane Peacocks Mardi Gras Parade 2021

The Brisbane Peacocks proudly represented Queensland at last nights Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade 2021. The Peacocks joined more than 5,000 people who marched in the parade on behalf of over 100 community groups. This year marked the first time the parade did not take place on Oxford St in the event’s 43-year …

michelle telfer royal childrens hospital melbourne gender clinic news corp the australian newspaper

Pediatrician Michelle Telfer, who heads the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne gender clinic, has slammed News Corp’s The Australian newspaper for publishing fearmongering “disinformation” on transgender healthcare. In 2019, the Australian newspaper was slammed for anti-transgender bias after launching a dedicated “Gender” section on its website featuring overwhelming negatively coverage. Associate Professor Telfer featured frequently in …

alleged parliament house rapist

The alleged Parliament House rapist purportedly scrubbed his internet presence and disappeared from public view this week. His actions follow allegations of inappropriate behaviour, sexual assault and rape from four women. Various independent news media and social media accounts named the supposed perpetrator over the last week. They describe him as a former Liberal Party …

pride in protest sglmg sydney gay and lesbian

Recently I joined over a thousand GLBTIQA+ people in signing the Pride in Protest petition. This petition asked for the removal of uniformed police and uniformed corrective service members from Mardi Gras. Motions based on the petition were put to the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (SGLMG) AGM but were narrowly voted down.  Belle …

joshua goyne the gay cowboy ssaa

Josh Goyne, self-titled ‘gay cowboy’ and the face of Stroke Support and Awareness Australia (SSAA), is again soliciting for public donations. QNews previously reported on SSAA’s apparent failure to properly account for charitable donations. We have now updated this article with a look back to the events that allegedly inspired a 2017 viral news story …