New show ‘Minx’ is serving up ALL of the full frontal peen on Stan

Minx Taylor Zakhar Perez Penis on Stan

Streaming service Stan has debuted their new program Minx, featuring more full-frontal penis than we could have expected, especially from new star Taylor Zakhar Perez.

This fascinating story follows one woman’s attempts to create the first erotic women’s magazine.

And of course, the men who feature in it.

Minx: An erotic magazine for women

In a single series, Minx tackles a variety of issues old and new.

The premise of the series is rooted in feminism, taking an interesting and entertaining twist along the way.

Set in 1970’s Los Angeles, Minx explores a time when sex sells, but seemingly only to men.

Joyce Prigger played by Ophelia Lovibond is passionate about creating an engaging, insightful and educated magazine for women.

She wants to turn the game on its head.

That all seems to be going terribly until she meets low rent publisher Doug Renetti played by Jake Johnson.

Renitti is interested in helping turn Joyce’s dreams into reality, or so it seems.

Through a common goal of creating a publication for women the direction naturally steers off course, right where Renetti wants it to go.

From here we see the evolution of Minx, the first erotic magazine for women.

That’s a lot of peen on screen

Moving to more current issues Minx puts one thing front and centre for discussion.


Long has the presence of a penis on screen been an issue of contention.

Television and on-screen nudity have continued to evolve over the years.

But the penis has still long stood as the last battleground of bashfulness for actors.

Shows like Game of Thrones were hell-bent on airing a tit every episode yet protected the penis of their stars so tightly it left many baffled.

But since the fall of the iron throne, we have seen the tide turn on the screen again.

Programs like Euphoria have no trouble with their cast dropping trousers when the need arises.

Or shows like Sex/Life on Netflix, which had many debating whether the star was real or getting some assistance on screen.

But few shows have been as unashamed as Minx to present the male form in all its glory, especially that of star Taylor Zakhar Perez and his co-stars.

As part of the journey to find their first male centrefold, sexy firefighter Shane (Perez) comes to the attention of the team.

And he is getting their attention for all the right reasons.

Perhaps most interesting here is the admission that Perez does in fact use a prosthetic, at least some of the time, when, however is not clear.

But not for reasons we might have assumed.

“Penises are not predictable”

Minx creator Ellen Rapoport revealed a prosthetic was required four times during the course of filming, but not for modesty.

“Because penises are not predictable,” she adds, explaining that “sometimes we just need them to look a certain way or do things.”

Just who was wearing one and when is still not clear but certainly makes for a fun game when watching the program.

Why not judge for yourself, Rapoport seemed to indicate the lockerroom scenes were all real. 

However, there was some, if not all, assistance provided to Taylor Zakhar Perez, if that’s a fake, we’re impressed.

The star was certainly keen to promote his appearance on his Instagram below.

Minx is airing on Stan in Australia.

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  1. Yolande Stiffel
    30 March 2022

    Love it!
    Got me interested!
    I might be old but I am not dead!!
    I am not passed appreciating a bit of nudity.

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