Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Stephen Gollschewski

The Queensland Police Service has announced the formation of a new internal network to support LGBTI police officers.

“The LGBTI Support Network is comprised of ten members representing most facets of the LGBTI community and is designed as a resource tool and support mechanism to provide advice and guidance to QPS officers,” Deputy Commissioner Stephen Gollschewski (pictured, right) said.


Mr Gollschewski said the network has developed a draft diversity guide to give all police officers and staff with a greater understanding of gender-diverse people.

“These documents will give staff the ability to provide better support to QPS gender-diverse members and deliver a higher level of service to the wider LGBTI community,” he said.

“The network will give a voice to a group that can help educate other QPS members and enhance LGBTI pride and respect throughout the service.”

The announcements comes after the Gold Coast Bulletin recently reported a senior Coolangatta police officer who laughed about a junior officer being “gay” at a staff meeting in October 2014 gave a written apology and expressed regret after a complaint by the junior officer was referred to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

The QPS Headquarters building in Brisbane will mark the International Day Against Homophobia on May 17 by flying a rainbow flag and QPS officers will wear purple boot laces to mark Wear It Purple Day on August 28.

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