New National Advocacy and Support Group for Transgender Australians

Trans Health

A new national, peer-led organisation for trans advocacy and support has begun campaigning for transgender equality in Australia.

Trans Health Australia, previously known as a Facebook information and news group, will now provide a national forum and campaign for rights of trans and gender diverse communities throughout Australia.

Someone is joined by journalist Jesse Jones, researcher Lisa Mullin, editor Zoey Campbell, faith advocate Jo Inkpin, lawyer Phineas Hartson, and musician Jaime Page on the Trans Health Australia board.

The organisation has already begun campaigning for an end to “forced divorce” laws affecting trans people, provide affordable access to testosterone on the PBS for transmasculine people, and protection of Australia’s anti-discrimination laws.

“Trans Health Australia will be there to campaign for rights, services, inclusion and justice for our community.”

The group will represent trans people living throughout Australia, including in regional and rural areas.

“We hope to provide a dynamic Australia-wide organisation which will speak effectively for trans people in regional Australia,” said Campbell.

“Trans Health Australia is proud of the diversity of the Australian trans and gender diverse communities.”

Campbell said they wanted the group to be “a strong advocacy community to represent its members, wherever they may live.”

Inkpin said that advocacy is important for the trans community to move forward.

“There has been so much unnecessary harm and hurt inflicted on trans and gender diverse people,” she said.

“Now is the time for us to come together and work purposely and in partnership for effective healing.”

The organisation said its current priority is building a national advisory committee to support the advocacy work of the new board.

The advisory committee is a panel of experts and community advocates who will advise the organisation and help shape its campaigns.

It currently includes doctors, social work academics, parent and family advocates, Indigenous sistergirl and brotherboy representatives and other professionals and advocates.

Opportunities for more individuals and groups to be involved with Trans Health Australia will open later this year.

Nerelle Harper

Nerelle is a contributor for QN Magazine and QNEWS Online

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